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Q & A: Partner wrongly responds to how you like being stimulated.

Q. Partner wrongly responds to how you like being stimulated.

A. Talk to your partner. Command him/her. It's advisable to guide your partner and say "I like it when you do it like this" instead of mere "Don't do like this". Women usually have much greater need for foreplay, and men tend to overlook details or ignore it alltogether. People do learn a lot in sex from and about each other. Women with regular partners, with whom they feel much more comfortable to express their wishes and dislikes, tend to have much higher degree of satisfaction and orgasm percentage in the intercourse.

Young couples again and again report that their sex lives improve dramatically with time if partners have regular sex (at least twice a week). If the sex life is not regular, chances of improving quality are very little.

Q & A: He loses erection

Q. He loses erection.

A. Couples quite often report that men tend to lose erection when going into foreplay playing with a woman's body. The most easiest way out of it is to take his penis in mouth and stimulate a little bit once the woman is aroused and ready for the intercourse.

The most common causes of losing erection is very frequent sex and general tireness. Have a sleep and rest up before sex and look out for pauses in your sex life, if losing erection becomes a serious problem.

Q & A: His penis is small.

Q. His penis is small.

A. Both partners in the couple should understand that women usually don't orgasm from penetration, but from proper stimulation of her clitoral area in the intercourse. He should make sure in the intercourse that his belly rubs against the area below her belly or the upper part of the pussy in the intercourse.

Positions that allow proper rubbing are putting her on her back on the table and penetrating while standing near the edge of the table. Standard missionary man-on-top position may work quite well, if you put one or two pillows below her bottom, which allows deeper penetration and more rubbing. If you do doggy style penetrating from behind, he may choose to give proper attention to her clitoral area reaching around her leg by his hand.

Q & A: How to suggest her and go about swinging, group sex?

Q. How to suggest her and go about swinging, group sex?

A. Unless you are in your relationship only because of sex and lust, and give up other values for the sake of "new experiences", I would strongly discourage any serious wish for swinging and switching partners. The feelings of jealousy and mistrust are absolutely inevitable once you know your partner has had sex with another, and are likely to damage your relationship irreversably. If you look out for new experiences, have somebody watch you make love, film yourselves as porn stars, have sex in public places, but do not let anybody touch your partner, if you care for your relationship. Talking about your swinging and group sex fantasies is all right, make jokes, watch videos other people do it, but do not make it real in your relationship.

Men perhaps are more easy-going about group sex, because women are first to catch the "whore" halo once doing it, while quite some men may regard it as "a fun thing to do".

Q & A: How to get her to swallow?

Q. How to get her to swallow?

A. That's life, women don't like to swallow. Again you will need to tell her you want her to swallow, she won't guess it telepathically, won't read your mind and it's pretty impossible to lead by example. The odds are you will be ignored, unless you put your desire expressly.

Do something to show you want to minimise her suffering. Do not make her swallow, after more than a few day period without sex, because after pauses men ejaculate much greater load of semen. Theoretically, you can make your semen taste sweeter by eating fruit such as bananas, melons and strawberies, and preferring vegetarian menu to salty and spicy meals and meat. Such diet for most men however is not easy to keep.

Another helpful idea is to use reciprocity principle - she will be much happier to do something special for you if you do something special for her, so prepare to go down on her, and remember that most women love it, but are shy to admit and ask for it. You can organise "the total oral sex session", when you do for each other whatever you desire. Once again, find and watch videos where women happily swallow semen. Not that easy to find, since in most cases men finish on her face, but some should be around.

Finally, reassess your wants, maybe finishing on her face or simply finishing when she stimulates your penis with her hand is quite perfectly all right with you. After all there is not much gain from her swallowing your semen, apart from cleaner sheets.

Q & A: How to get her to give head?

Q. How to get her to give head?

A. First of all, if she is not taking your penis in her mouth sooner or later you will have to ask for it. You can be more or less direct in expressing your wish. She has to know that you really like it when she sucks your penis. Be direct and say it "I'd like you to take my penis in your mouth," or "I'd love if you gave me a small blowjob". Look and be serious when you say it.

For a more indirect convincing, once again watching porn videos is a powerful tool. Choose the ones where women give men nice blowjobs and it looks easy and they look pretty satisfied on the job. After all blowjob is a very straightforward and achievable task, and she can clearly see your satisfaction. It just has to occur to her that giving head is something normal and common, something most women as a part of the sex play. From my experience, most who avoid giving blowjobs do so because they feel a psychological barrier to do it, not because it is very difficult to do physically.

If you want to be a nice guy, you can ask her for blowjob leading by example. Go down on her. To emphasize watch sex videos where women and men go down on each other before the intercourse, and women also suck penis after the intercourse, which is a very commonly found scenario indeed.

Another point. Men are pigs. Yes, because astounding number of men still are doing very poorly with personal hygiene. Wash your penis and balls thoroughly before offering them for licking, because they do sweat and have stronger or weaker unpleasant smell. Personal hygiene matters highly for all women, also with respect to nail clipping, fresh breath, smell from under-arms and dirty toes. So keep your genitals fresh and appealing if you want them to serve as a lolly-pop.

If you really like your partner giving you a blowjob, tell it to her, tell she is the best cock-sucker in the world. People like being the best, no matter the category.

If she gives you a blowjob, be nice to warn her before ejaculation, as most women don't like the surprise bursts of semen in their mouth or on the face.

Q & A: What clitoris exactly is, how to stimulate it?

Q. What clitoris exactly is, how to stimulate it?

A. The clitoris is the female sexual organ found in the upper side of the pussy where the inner lips meet. It consists of a rounded area or head, called the glans, and a longer part, called the shaft, which contains cavernous bodies similar to those of the penis. The tissue of the inner lips normally covers the shaft of the clitoris, making a hood to protect it. The only directly visible part of the clitoris is a small smooth glans. The size and shape of the clitoris vary considerably among women. It can be seen by gently pulling back the skin of the hood.

There is a high concentration of nerve endings in the clitoris and the area close to it, which makes it very sensitive to touch and pressure. Stimulation of the clitoral area is generally very sexually pleasurable. Moreover, providing the women with sexual pleasure is the only known function of the clitoris.

When a woman becomes sexually aroused, both the glans and the shaft fill with blood and increase in size. The glans can double in diameter. There is no evidence that a larger clitoris means more intense sexual arousal. As erotic stimulation continues and orgasm approaches, the clitoris becomes less visible as it is covered by the hood.

About 10-15 minutes after orgasm the clitoris returns to its normal size, because the orgasm leads to a dispersal of the accumulated blood. If the woman doesn't have an orgasm, the blood that has flowed into the clitoris as a result of sexual arousal may remain there, keeping the clitoris enlarged for a few hours. Many women find this uncomfortable.

A woman's clitoris can be stimulated through direct or indirect contact. During intercourse the penis does not contact the clitoris directly. The thrusting of the penis in the vagina usually moves the inner lips and this movement of the lips against the clitoris creates the orgasm. Direct contact with the clitoris by touching it with a finger, vibrator, or a tongue can cause more discomfort than pleasure for many women, especially if the woman is not well aroused. For these women, more gentle overall rubbing or licking of the area around the clitoris is likely to produce better results. However, there are women that enjoy very intense direct stimulation. My advice is that rhythmic round motion with your tongue around her clitoral area (the upper part of the pussy) usually works best.

Q & A: How to masturbate?

Q. How to masturbate?

A. The most common masturbation method by women is caressing and massaging the clitoris (the upper part of the pussy) with hands and fingers until orgasm. This stimulation is often accompanied by similar caressing, massaging, and touching of other sensitive areas, such as the breasts, the vaginal lips, and the interior of the vagina itself. Move your hand in small circles around your vaginal area and feel whether your sexual arousal is increasing.

Masturbation generally does not have any bad side effects, and women learn their body better through masturbation. Masturbation does not affect size of the vaginal lips, color of the skin of the sexual areas, and the size and position of the genitals. Quite many women cannot have orgasms during sex unless they stimulate themselves manually or get their partner to stimulate them manually. Masturbation is generally a good training for sex, and some women are not orgasmic at all until they have learned to be comfortable with their bodies and to let go through masturbation.

Certain non-sexual objects at home can be used as masturbation toys. Avoid anything that is very hard, brittle, has sharp edges, or is likely to develop sharp edges if broken. Also consider what is inside objects that might work itself out, such as springs and wires. Make sure you won't lose the object inside you. It is a good idea to put the object you use inside latex condom for hygiene and lighter feel.

Objects to consider using include articles of clothing, especially if sexy, like bras, panties, or other lingerie stimulating. Test stockings, socks, handkerchiefs, towels, feathers and brushes. Try food: bananas (if you use peeled off banana it easily breaks, so don't lose it), cucumbers and carrots. Don't use anything sugary to avoid yeast infection. If the object you use is in condom, you can use a lubricant to overcome dry friction.

Women can use anything vibrating. Vibrating electricals are practically always made of plastic, so it is advisable to wrap cloth or leather around it to avoid direct contact with plastic. Use such objects lightly, don't overrush to hurt yourself.

Finally, woman can use dildos as insertee devices. For best results, she should keep the dildo inside vagina fairly steady while masturbating her clitoral area. Penetration is not really necessary for most women to achieve orgasm, but women like the sensation of fullness that a dildo provides. Put on a condom on a dildo when you use it for easier hygiene maintenance.

Q & A: How do I know if I orgasm?

Q. How do I know if I orgasm?

A. Woman's orgasm is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions at the same time producing intense pleasurable sensations followed by rapid relaxation. It typically lasts for several seconds. Orgasm is also in part a psychological experience of pleasure and clearly focused mind on the personal experience. Reaching orgasm is often called climaxing, coming or cumming.

Orgasms vary from time to time and from person to person. Although orgasm is often described as something explosive and amazing, making women to scream and moan, in most cases orgasms are mild, subtle, and less intense, but don't get me wrong, it does feel great. The differences in intensity of orgasms can be attributed to physical factors, such as fatigue and length of time since last orgasm, as well as to a wide range of psychosocial factors.

The most characteristic physical feature of orgasm is the sensation produced by the simultaneous rhythmic contractions of the pubococcygeus muscle (pc muscle). Along with contractions of the anal sphincter, rectum and perineum, the uterus and outer third of the vagina (the orgasmic platform) for women. The first few contractions are relatively intense and close together, occurring at slightly less than 1-second intervals. As orgasm continues, the contractions diminish in intensity and duration and occur at less frequent intervals. If a man inserts and keeps two fingers in her vagina while she climaxes, he can clearly feel the contractions around the fingers during her orgasm.

Female orgasm can be described as beginning with a sense of suspension, quickly followed by a pleasurable feeling that usually begins at the clitoris (the upper part of a woman's pussy) and spreads out to the close body area. One more sign of orgasm is clitoris, if you know how to locate it. The clitoris fills with blood and enlarges from sexual stimulation, and after having orgasm the blood resolves. However, if a woman stops receiving sexual stimulation before orgasm, her clitoris remains engorged causing somewhat unpleasant feeling.

The woman's genitals in orgasm are often described as becoming warm, electric or tingly, and these physical sensations usually spread through some portion of the body. Most women can also feel muscle contractions in their vagina or lower pelvis, often described as "pelvic throbbing".

Q & A: Swallowing semen and semen on body. Good, bad, safe?

Q. Swallowing semen and semen on body. Good, bad, safe?

A. You might make yourself nauseated if the idea of swallowing semen disgusts you, but you won't get a disease and you won't poison yourself if your partner is disease-free. There is nothing poisonous in semen. If you think about it, semen has to be suited to keeping sperm, which are human cells, alive. It is not going to contain anything that is generally toxic to human cells. It is mostly water, a simple sugar to keep the sperm alive, and protein. The sperm most certainly won't do you any harm because it will be killed by acids in your stomach.

Guys having regular sex actually don't ejaculate very much semen at any one time, maybe a couple of tablespoons at most, and a lot less in the average situation. Semen, however, does contain stuff that makes it a good growth medium, so if you save it up in open containers at room temperature something could grow in it that would disagree with you, pretty much the same way that something disagreeable might grow on a baloney sandwich left over from last week's lunch.

You can get AIDS and other STD from eating his semen. If he is infected with HIV, the AIDS virus will be in his semen. If he has some infection of the urethra (the tube in the penis that passes semen and urine) you are likely to know it, because the skin area of the penis is clean and virtually germ-free for healthy males.

Semen tends to irritate skin for quite many women, so it is advisable to quickly wash it off if you get it on your skin. Semen itself does not any special healing or refreshing qualities, but it's not especially harmful either.

Q & A: How can I make anal sex less painful? Is it safe?

Q. How can I make anal sex less painful? Is it safe?

A. Well as hardy as it sounds the key to painless and even pleasurable anal sex is regular anal sex. It is going to hurt the first time no matter the technique. Of course to keep going on a regular basis, he should be gentle enough not to leave scars in and around her anus. Therefore lots of lubrication and listening to your partner is required. Once she says it is enough, it is enough.

Foreplay is essential. Kiss, stroke, play, and fondle each other just as you always do as a prelude to intercourse. Make sure you are both in the mood for an "anal encounter." Use a condom for safety & hygiene, even if you are a monogamous couple. Use plenty of water-based lubricant. Listen to your partner, pay attention, and be gentle.

Start with very gentle forms of stimulation, such as massage or light penetration with a well-lubricated and well-clipped finger. Softly probe the asshole and pay close attention to your partner's reaction to your touch. Rub the head of your penis (or toy or finger) gently against the asshole. The sensation of a nicely lubed prick at the entrance of the anus is quite pleasurable, and will help to relax the muscles for easier access.

Press forward slowly and gently. You are probably going to feel some resistance at this point, and while you don't want to use force to enter, you will have to push a bit. If your partner is on top, be content to be fairly passive. Allow her to take control of the situation. If you are on top or using a position that allows you more control, it is okay to move in and out, but always be mindful of how your partner is feeling.

Communication is especially important for anal sex. Make your desires known to your partner, no matter what they may be. Be sure that any butt toys you use have a flared base to prevent being "swallowed" too far up into the rectum (thus becoming irretrievable). If something does get stuck, don't panic. Sit down on the toilet and let your body expel the object naturally.

There is no such thing as too much lube. Use one that's water-based and use it liberally for maximum comfort and pleasure. Experiment with positions so you can find out what is most comfortable. The butt actually has two sphincter muscles, one called internal and the other called external. Just beyond these two muscles, the rectum curves slightly. Keep this in mind, because if you don't pay attention, you'll end up jabbing your partner, and this most certainly will be painful. Even under the best of circumstances, not everyone will enjoy anal sex. As with everything, sexually and otherwise, respect your partner's desires and limits.

Q & A: How to finger a woman?

Q. How to finger a woman?

A. Be gentle and start off by arousing her before actually getting down to fingering. The right way to finger her is probably with two fingers, as one is two small and more is somewhat cumbersome. Make sure your nails are neatly clipped not to hurt her vagina's gentle tissue with the nail edges.

It is advisable to make her somewhat wet before actually penetrating her with your fingers. If she easily wets herself that is no problem, but otherwise tease her senses with a tip of your tongue around her clitoris, the upper part of her pussy a little bit. Then insert the tip of your index finger inside her and feel around, you should be able to easily tell in which direction to go deeper. Let your finger movement be smooth. You can slightly wet your finger with saliva before moving into her.

When you feel comfortable with one finger, take it out and move slowly with two fingers - index and middle ones. If you want her to feel really good add a rhytmic round motion with the other hand around her clitoral area above the two inserted fingers. Steadily move your two fingers in and out. If you insert them in a way that your fingernails are facing down, you can simulatneously apply a pressure with the palm of the same hand on her clitoral area. It would feel great for her.

The advantage of fingering her is that you can clearly feel if she is climaxing, as you should be able to feel her muscle contractions around your fingers when she comes. The difficult part is to make her feel accustomed to your fingers, because they are not the soft parts of the human body. But if you do not apply overly strong presure and wrong angles everything should be great.

Q & A: Technique to give her a special orgasm?

Q. Technique to give her a special orgasm?

A. If you want to give her a really special orgasm, you have to do something out of the routine. She has to be really aroused to reach the heights of orgasm. One of the most special things you can give to her in sex is your time, as you most likely may have noticed that in your relationship sex intercourses tend to get shorter and shorter, just because you have to run your everyday errands all the time. To give it special to her you have to be special to her. Set time apart so both of you know you don't have to rush.

It really depends on her where she likes to have rush, but change of location if she is comfortable with it, brings more excitement, because sex feels much more fresh. If you stay in your usual appartment or house, try to change a room, for more unusual experience try going and having sex somewhere out, a hotel, a car or nature. But remember it should not feel cheap for her otherwise it is a flop, and good personal hygiene facilities should be readily available.

Give your time to her in the actual intercourse as well if you want to make it special for her. Tease, tease, tease. Have prepared a bunch of dirty jokes and some sex stories to tell your women, even slightly aroused women love having been told sexy things, and as you can't keep original for the whole night anyway, why not tell a story. First tease her mind, then her body. Ideally it should be comfortable for both of you to lie and be relaxed, not to get cold or uncomfortable in any way, and stay 100% private. Caress her breasts, caress her legs. Let her leave some sexy clothes on, many women really have sex fetish of clothes they love, or check out sex with her wearing high-heels.

Let's face it if you want to make her feel special, you will have to work with your tongue and lips some, because it is the only way a woman's body would tolerate prolonged stimulation, because tongue's touch is really gentle yet stimulating on her, while fingers, hand and aroused penis are somewhat hard on her. Let her lie down and stimulate her vaginal area with your tongue for a few minutes. Then have a rest and have a talk for a minute. Then go down on her again, then rest up again. Allow her to change positions for a more fresh feel. Then go down on her again. Then rest up again.

When you feel that she has become really wet, only then she will be ready for your penis. Once more, remember to choose a position so that your underbelly rubs against her vaginal area and keep steady rhythm when thrusting. Ideally, if she has been properly aroused she should be climaxing really fast, otherwise probably the foreplay was not thorough enough.

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Q & A: What is the best way to give her oral sex?

Q. What is the best way to give her oral sex?

A. Most women will climax and do it reasonably fast, if you first arouse them. Watching a porn video is a great great help to get her aroused, even if she does not admit it consciously. Then you can play around her genital area with your tongue for a short while. Unless you are not overly aggressive tongue movements tend to produce light, even ticklish feeling for her. By such introduction she starts to concentrate on her body and the pleasure you are about to bring.

Then insert a finger slightly in her pussy and focus with your tongue on her clitoral area, the upper part of her pussy, just where the hood is. Make sure the nail of the finger you are inserting is neatly clipped. All kinds of round motions work best when stimulating her clitoral area with your tongue.

You should feel with your finger that her pussy becomes slightly more open and relaxed. Then insert two fingers in her pussy as far as you comfortably can. Don't press your hand against her pussy front wall hardly, but don't leave the halfway either. Two fingers for most couples should work best, as two are small enough not to hurt her and big enough to feel and squeeze them.

Rest your head lightely just above her pussy for your comfort and additional area stimulation close to her most sensitive spots and make generally round movements with your tongue and lips on the upper part of her pussy. The two fingers in her pussy can generally even stand still, or slightly move, there is no need to finger-fuck her aggressively, as her vaginal muscles will squeeze the fingers themselves. You can keep your index and middle finger in her pussy and make additional clitoral area stimulation with your thumb, while licking her clitoral area with your mouth. Remember that rhythmical round movements work best.

If you keep a wet and stimulating contact with her pussy and mostly concentrate on its upper part, it should bring her a really good clitoral orgasm. When she climaxes, you should be feeling light pressure from the squeezing and contracting movements of her muscles around your two fingers. When you feel it, it means you have done a great job. She should be lying on her back when you eat her pussy, you can put a pillow under her hips for raised pussy and easier access with your mouth. Let her close her eyes when you give her oral sex. Most women like it when you don't look at their face when eating her pussy, because it makes them shy and distracts their concentration.

Q & A: She won't orgasm. What do I do to give it to her?

Q. She won't orgasm. What do I do to give it to her?

A. Women usually don't reach orgasm if they are not sufficiently aroused before the intercourse and if their clitoris does not receive enough attention. Women have to be aroused, because otherwise penetration becomes rather painful for them, and pain takes over the positive sexual feelings. Clitoris has to be stimulated, because it is normally the source of woman's orgasm.

Women can be aroused by watching a porn video together, talking about sex, telling sex stories, dirty jokes. She has to be thinking about sex before sex for best results.

Clitoris (the upper part of her pussy where the inner lips meet) can be best stimulated with oral sex, licking all around that area, and making circular motions with your tongue and lips, aiding the stimulation with your hand from time to time. It helps if two fingers are inserted and kept in the vagina at the same time.

If you want to stimulate clitoris in the straight sex, you have to choose the position where your belly rubs around her under belly (where the clitoral area is), or a position when you can stimulate that area with your hand. Such positions are an elevated missionary postion (man-on-top) with a pillow under her bottom. Alternatively, you can put her on her back on the table, while standing yourself near the edge of the table, slightly bending over her to rub her clitoral area with your underbelly, while not laying your whole bodyweight on her as in missionary position, thus allowing her more relaxation and less distraction.

Q & A: Semen tastes bad. I gag. How to go about swallowing?

The two most common problems reported by women about swallowing is, first, the really unpleasant taste of semen, and, second, being afraid to gag when swallowing. Here are some of the best ideas how to go about swallowing:

  • If you are going to swallow, place his penis as far back in your mouth as possible without gagging. Then swallow fast. This will limit the amount of semen that hits your taste buds, and reduce the unpleasant taste.

  • Pop a Smint or a strong peppermint or similar mint in your mouth before giving oral sex. This will make your taste buds much less receptive to other tastes.

  • Quite many men want women to swallow because they want to receive penis stimulation while
    ejaculating. If the woman does not swallow, she usually stops stimulating penis as soon as he starts to ejaculate. So what the woman has to do to please her man is to fool him into thinking she is swallowing. Use plenty of saliva and focus your mouth action on the upper part of his penis
    when you feel he is going to ejaculate, while working with your hand at the base. Make sure your hand is filled with hot, steamy breath. As soon as he starts ejaculating, stop mouth action, but continue your hand action, slide your hand up and down the upper part of the penis shaft as if masturbating him, this will feel divine for him. In most cases, he will not be really able to tell you are not swallowing.

Q & A: I can't reach orgasm. What do I do to orgasm?

Q. I can't reach orgasm. What do I do to orgasm?

A. Despite the information age and abundance of sex literature, many women continue to experience difficulties reaching orgasm with their partners, because reasons can be many. Following are some of the more common ones.

  • I believe by far the number one reason for a woman not being able to reach orgasm is simply insufficient stimulation of her clitoral area in the intercourse, orally or manually. In many cases the cause is also very little arousal before the sex. Men finish way too fast before women manage to heat up. The most easiest way for her to reach orgasm is additional stimulation of her genital (mostly clitoral, the upper part of a woman's pussy where the inner lips meet) area by her partner right after he finishes with mouth and fingers. If he does not want to do that, he needs to learn to hold back his ejaculation to be able to continue, and to choose positions where his underbelly rubs against the woman's clitoral area.

  • Women are often too busy in her head -- thinking about how aroused you are or aren't, what your partner thinks of you, whether s/he can keep the movement going, etc. She often thinks too much, instead of focusing on the sensations of what's going on sexually.

  • Women may be afraid that she won't orgasm. Some women don't even bother trying and end up completely repressing their sexual response.

  • Women can be afraid of seeming demanding by asking too much of her partner (that is, asking to be stimulated the way she likes it, and the way she knows it works). She can be afraid that if her partner concentrates on her pleasure only, she will feel too much pressure to come, leaving her incapacitated sexually.

  • Women and her partner are trying too hard to have simultaneous orgasms. Given that they're pretty difficult to do, the trying could certainly get in the way.

  • Women rush into sex with the partner. The woman is not leaving herself enough time to get fully aroused and come to climax. Her orgasm ends up getting pushed aside during sex.

If any of these things are true, don't blame yourselves harshly. All men and women have problems with their partners at certain times in their lives.

Q & A: How to really turn my partner on?

Q. How to really turn my partner on?

A. As wrongly as it sounds, watching the porn video remains one of the best ways to arouse yourself and your partner. It easily beats all sort of kissing and hugging in terms of achieving sexual arousal.

If you feel stuck with your partner in the routine, the best way out is to break the routine. Change the place you have sex, change the starting position, go somewhere, change the way you eat in the evening, have sex in the morning.

Q & A: Statistics. Average penis, orgasm percentage, sex length?

Q. Average penis, orgasm percentage, sex length?


What is average penis size?

Average size of an erect penis is 5-6 inches or 13-15 cm.

What is the average success rate of orgasm for men/women in the intercourse?

On average men reach orgasm 90% of the time and women 30% of the time.

How often do men/women masturbate?

Approximately 70% of men under 30 masturbate on average once a week, roughly 30% masturbate every other day, and 5% masturbate twice a day. Approximately 20% of women under 30 masturbate on average once a week, and roughly 7% masturbate every other day.

At what age do women/men start to masturbate?

Men start to masturbate on average at 13-14 years of age and women start to masturbate on average at 14-15 years of age.

How popular is safe sex?

Around 60% of people report to practice safe sex practically always or without exception. Around 10% of people never practice safe sex.

What age is first time sexual intercourse?

Men on average have sexual intercourse for the first time at the age of 17-18. Around 10% have sex for the first time at the age of 14 or younger, and around 10% have their first sexual intercourse at the age of 22 or older. Women on average have their first sexual intercourse at the age of 16-17. Around 10% have sex for the first time at the age of 13 or younger, and around 10% have sex for the first time at the age of 20 or older.

What age is first time oral sex?

Time lapse between the first time sexual intercourse and the first time oral sex is usually very short, so you can check out the answer about the first time sexual intercourse.

What are favorite sexual positions?

Favorite sexual positions among men are rear entry (40%), woman-on-top (29%), missionary (man-on-top) (18%), while all other positions (standing, sitting, side-by-side and exotic) are relatively unpopular (less than 3% each). Favorite sexual positions among women are missionary (30%), rear-entry (27%), woman-on-top (21%) and sitting (6%).

What are the least preferred sexual positions?

Side-by-side positions (30%) and standing positions (28%) are the least preferred positions by men. The least preferred positions by women are standing (31%), rear entry (19%) and side-by-side (15%).

How often couples have sex?

People on average have sex once every 4-5 days. Approximately 12% have sex at least once a day, while 11% have sex less often than every 6 months.

Q & A: What are the best sex positions?

Best straight sex positions for her

  • Missionary position, with a pillow under her bottocks. The man should support his weight by kneels and hands, so that his body does not put very much pressure on her body. The man should thrust and at the same move his thighs diagonally slightly rubbing her vulva and clitoris with his belly.

    This position is much more superior to standard missionary position because his penis stimulates her pussy in a different more unusual angle and the rubbing stimulates the clitoris. At the same time the woman is not burdened by his body weight which allows her to concentrate on the orgasm not other dominating signals of her body.

  • Woman should lie on the table on her back and he should penetrate her standing at the edge of the table and keeping her legs upwards supprting them by his shoulders or hands. This position is very good, because it allows the man easily to stimulate her clitoris while thrusting. At the same time it is very comfortable position for the woman, and she can be very relaxed.

  • Woman should lie on the table on her side and the man should stand near the edge of the table and finger her anus (ass) while thrusting. Many women tend to enjoy it very much when both of their holes are penetrated at the same time. Try it also out in other positions where convenient.

  • Doggie style, but important thing here is to reach with your hand around her body and stimulate her clitoris while thrusting. Without such stimulation, many women experience difficulties reaching orgasm, because thrusting penis alone does not provide enough stimulation. Otherwise many women like doggie style very much because it is very comfortable, just be sure she can rest her knees and elbows on something soft.

  • She will enjoy very much a position, where she sits in his lap wrapping her legs around him and both partners facing each other. Movements in this position will resemble rather rubbing than thrusting, because his movements are very limited in this position. But she will enjoy such a position very much and might reach orgasm (usually a soft one) very easily, while he is hardly likely to reach orgasm in this position.

Best straight sex positions for him

  • Classic doggie style is one of the most enjoyed positions for men, because it is easy to move and it approves their dominance and men can "fuck" instead of "making love". At the same time woman's beautiful pussy and ass are staring upwards right before the eyes of the man, which is very erotic and inviting.

  • Rear-entry standing position with her being slightly bent over is one the absolute favourites of most men. Men like this position, because of its aggressiveness and sheer sexuality.

  • Putting a woman on the table is also men's favourite. Variations are possible, mainly with the position of legs, which men can control very easily. Woman on the table position is both very comfortable and the woman's body is highly visible, which makes it among the favourites.

  • Man-on-top position with her legs streched upwards. This position allows for very deep penetration and is also the woman's beautiful body is well exposed.

  • For some men woman-on-top is the absolute favourite, because they are so lazy. But apart from this group of men, most of others like to control the rhythm themselves.

Best anal sex positions for her

  • In my opinion, the absolutely best anal sex position for her is to lie on her back on the table, while the man stands near the edge of the table and penetrates her. Legs can be spread and raised slightly upwards, and the man can support them. It is by far the most comfortable anal sex position for a woman, that I am aware of.

  • Other best anal sex positions for her are the ones in which she can feel comfortably and have some control over the depth of penetration. A woman on top is actually a very good position for her. Secondly she should try to direct the penis in the angle towards her pussy, because in such way her wall of vagina is being stimulated making anal sex much more pleasurable.

Best anal sex positions for him

  • His favourite anal sex positions would be the ones in which he can achieve full deep penetration. Doggy style from behind and over is one of the best positions in this regard.

Q & A: How much does penis size matter?

Q. How much does penis size matter?

A. Penis size matters, why else there would be so much talk about it. If you do not change partners often the woman and her openings grow used to the penis size of her partner. If you switch partners, you feel the difference.

If his penis is big, it will naturally hurt her vagina quite a lot if she is not used to having regular sex before. If the penis is small it will be much less painful and more pleasurable for an inexperienced woman to have sex with a man.

Men generally think their penis is smaller than it actually is, because of the differences of perspectives when a man looks at his own penis and when looking at others. Look at your penis in the mirror for a better gauge of its relative size. Secondly, it is a fact, that smaller penis have bigger capacity to get large, as for example old guys tend to have relatively bigger penis when not aroused, but they do not get any much bigger when hard.

The bright side of a relatively smaller penis is that she will find anal sex with such a man much less painful, which is a big advantage for a man.