Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Talk Back: Tales From The Vibrator

"We had recently purchased a butt plug and after cleaning it had left it out on the bathroom counter to dry. We have two kittens who get into trouble all the time and are always walking off with things of ours. One evening, while my parents were over for dinner our cat walks down with the butt plug in it's mouth and jumps up into my fathers lap! My fiance I wanted to die! It was a horrible experience!"

Martha H.

"I rented a movie titled "Misty Beethoven" and played it at my Mother's restaurant...after closing hours. Well, On Wednesdays, my Mother shows movies.....and sure enough, she saw the title Beethoven and played it on her big screen. Immediately she went into the kitchen while the movie started and customers came running to her saying "Maria, what are you doing??? She went out and saw the XXX MOVIE playing and shut it off. Boy, did I have some explaining to do. I told her I saw it and thought it was "Beethoven" and thought she might like it. Whew!!"


"Well, it was about 2 years ago I was at home and feeling kind of uneasy I had at the time this cute little poodle named Webster well he was a very hyper dog plus he loved to get into things anyway I had just got through pleasuring myself with my bullet that I had just bought 2 days before well the door bell rang and I put on my clothes to go see who it was it was my mom so she had brought over one of her friends and we were sitting on the couch talking well I have a very long hallway and a big entertainment room well all of a sudden here comes my dog with the control of my bullet in his mouth and my bullet trailing behind him on the floor he ran around the couch with that thing what seemed like an hour I was so embarrassed not only was my mom present but her best friend was the mayors wife who works for the newspaper I could just imagine her writing a story about this."

Audrey W.

"My in-laws were helping us move. The waterbed was drained, but still assembled. My mum-in-law, wanting to try our new cordless drill, volunteered to disassemble the bed frame. Before we could stop her, she was in the bedroom. Seconds later she was back, wanting an explanation of the one-inch eyelets sunken into the head and foot boards. My husband, to avoid embarrassing his mum, said that they were there to make the boards easier to carry. Mum: "And the handcuffs?"

Kae C.

"My boyfriend and I were moving and getting rid of some old junk. We had a garage sale and his mother insisted on helping. One of our packed boxes had some junk in it and I told her just to put a sign on the box saying fifty cents for each item in the box because I just wanted to get rid of everything. His mother being her helpful self decided to put a price on each individual item. When she was halfway through the box, she turned to me and said, "I think this is going to be worth more than fifty cents." I turned and saw my life-like dildo resting in her hand. Me being as shy as I am, I turned bright red and ran into the other room. I then made my boyfriend go get it from her."


"My lover and I were doing The Wild Thing just before a dinner party. We planned on just doing a "quickie", but we really got into it! We were at the peak of passion when the guests began to show up, so we grabbed our clothes on quick and went out to mingle. A little later someone came in with a wrap and I said, "Oh, just toss it on the bed." Too late I remembered that my "toys" were right there in the middle of the bed - in plain sight! The whispering and glancing in my direction all night should have cooled my passion, but as soon as the guests left, we were at it again - hot and heavy!"

Angelique A.

"I always kept my vibrator under my pillow for obvious reasons. The first time I slept with my now husband, the thing went off. He is from California and we were in New York. He thought it was earthquake! It didn't end all that bad. We used it and still do to this day."

Maria G.

"I was in my pool in my backyard orgasming, using an 8" dildo and a waterproof lube. I had climaxed nearly four times. Finally I noticed that Mike, my next door neighbor was watching with his brother. So I blushed, and asked if they wanted to join in. Steve, Mikes' brother ran away, and told their mother and I ran inside and haven't talked to them since."

Alex T.

"One day I had my little cousin over to my apartment. I gave her permission to go in my dresser draw to get a shirt she wanted to wear. I forgot I had put my vibrator in the top draw she had to go in. She brought back the shirt and my vibrator in her hand, she said, "Cousin what is this?" luckily I had it in a sock. I told her I was hiding a banana because my friend comes over and eats them all, and I had hid the biggest one for myself."


"I ordered my first vibrator by post and was exited about it arriving, one day about a week after ordering, it arrived but I had to go off to work. When I came back, I discovered that my dad had opened the packaging to see what was inside ( I live with my dad ) and was waving it about in front of his drunken friends trying to figure out what it was! I had a lot of explaining to do that night !"


"I was at my to be mother-in-law, when my purse fell and out slipped my wonderful battery operated blue dildo. She kind of jumped when she saw it and in that instant my finance walked in, stared at it and we burst out laughing. I was so embarrassed that all I could do was laugh."


"My husband and I had a hot night of sex and fun with our vibrator. We had spent the night on the couch in the living room. A male friend of ours dropped in unexpectedly in the morning and we were talking to him for a few minutes when he asked if that was what he thought it was. We had forgotten about it and had left it out on the coffee table. I grabbed it and ran out of the room. I came back very red faced and no one has ever said anything about it since."


"I had to rush to get to the airport a few months ago, I passed through the detector on the way to the gate and got stopped and searched with the hand wand. I emptied my pockets and they found nothing so I was asked to accompany a female security person to a private room to be searched. As we approached the room I remembered the stainless steel Ben Wau balls I still had inserted inside me. As the door closed I told the guard to wait a minute and I removed them myself and showed them to her. She asked for an explanation, I told her about them and was then allowed to go to the gate with my balls in hand. She was too busy telling the other guards and laughing to really care about me. I am sure I am still the topic of much discussion at that airport. I try to remember now to remove them and put them in my suitcase when flying the friendly skies."

Carol W.

"One night my best friend and her boyfriend came over to pick me up to stay the night at her house for the weekend and watch movies, so before they got there to pick me up I grabbed my over-night bag and threw some clothes in it. I put the bag on the floor board and got into the back seat, Then I started hearing some weird noise coming from under the seat. I stupidly stuck my head back out of the door to look at my friends and I said to my friends boy friend, "I think something is wrong with your stereo amp under the seat, It is making a really crazy noise!" I got out of the car so he could take a look at it. He started laughing hysterically and we are standing there asking him to tell us what is so damn funny. He turned to us with my vibrator in his hand that had fallen out of my over night bag that I did not even remember leaving it in there. I was so embarrassed!! But now I can't help but laugh too"

Angela :)

"As a member of an international service club my spouse and I were attending a district meeting. At this meeting we, as individual clubs, display our club banners. The night before we left for the meeting I got drunk and placed our favorite vibrator wand and a tube of lube in the banner case so I wouldn't forget to pack it. On the day of the meeting I was hung over and a friend said he would take care of the flag. When I showed up for the meeting, the wand and lube were on the floor in front of about 300 people."

Jim K.

"I was in the mix with my best friend Erin. It was my first time to be with a female. We had our dildo's in each other and our neighbor walked in on us and saw. When we scrambled to get up the dildo's just plopped on the floor with a thump. It was embarrassing."

Marlena D.

"After my boyfriend and I stayed at my family's house in the Catskills for the weekend, we made sure we did a very good job of leaving the house tidier than it was when we arrived. Only one thing we forgot: to empty the trash in my parents' bedroom (where we had slept, because it's the only double bed in the house). I got a phone call from my mother the next weekend when they went up to use the house informing me that my dog had once again attacked the trash and this time instead of unearthing a bloody tampon or two, she had unearthed the wrapper of an "edible condom". . .a gift I had gotten my boyfriend for the previous weekend."


"Once upon a time, my wife lost one of her ben-wa balls, at the grocery store! It fell out and rolled down the aisle ahead of her. Some little kid caught it and handed it back to her. She'd been using them at home for a while and felt pretty secure with them, so just out of perversity she'd gone out in public with them. BIG MISTAKE! She said she could feel the darned thing working it's way out but try as she would she just couldn't manage to force it back up where it belonged with just her vaginal muscles and once it was out of her body it was out of her panties in just seconds! Once the kid gave it back she just left her cart, walked out of the store and never came back!"


"I gathered my sheets for washing, when I was hanging them on the line and chatting to a couple of my neighbors, I shook one of the larger sheets and out flew my purple vibrator. After bouncing four or five times across the lawn, it stopped at the feet of another neighbor (one really hates me). Not only had I felt very embarrassed in front of my neighbors, the real personal tragedy of the situation was my vibrator died after its experiencing the super wash cycle of my washing machine and an overnight soak in bleach!"

Ming W.

"Well, if you want an embarrassing story then you are going to love this one! I was a sophomore in college and was living in the dorms. I had received a hot pink, rather large vibrator as a gift from a friend after I had broken up with my boyfriend. I kept it hidden in a bag, stuffed in one of my boots hidden in the back of my closet. Well, who would have guessed that out of the 4 pair of boots I owned, that they were the very pair that my roommate decided to borrow without asking me. She decided to borrow them last minute on the way out the door, while about 10 people were waiting for her in our room. About 6 of those 10 were men (or should I call them little boys). Needless to say she found my hot pink, rather large vibrator and showed it to everybody. And then, thinking that it would just be absolutely hysterical, decided to dress it up in the clothes from her ken doll (as in ken and Barbie) that she kept sitting on her desk. She also took the head off the doll and taped it onto my vibrator. She then proceeded to wave it around the room just as I was walking in from class! Here I am, walking into my own dorm room filled with over 10 people and seeing my vibrator (which I was still scared to use at that time) with a ken doll head dressed in a muscle shirt and black leather jacket being waved around the room! I was absolutely mortified. My face turned the exact shade of the vibrator. Everybody was howling and rolling on the floor with laughter. I was ready to run out of the room when I turned around and my gorgeous RA (Resident Assistant), who I had had an extreme crush on all year was standing at the door, wondering what all the screaming and laughing was about. He saw the object of my mortification and after poorly hiding his own amusement, broke up the laughing party. I stayed in my room that entire weekend not wanting to show my face. My roommate made it a little easier for my by telling me she had one too, but was smart enough to leave it at home. I had been doing everything possible to avoid my RA when a week later my he chased me down on my way to class. He told me that it was the funniest thing he had ever seen in his life, and that he didn't blame me for being embarrassed. He also told me that he thought it was "cool" that I had one in the first place, and that guys think it's a turn on using one with their girlfriends. My face again began to turn the exact shade of hot pink of my Toy O Embarrassment. He then asked me out to dinner that night. Despite my strong desire to transfer to another college, I went out with him. Believe it or not we actually started dating, and after about 3 months he asked whatever happened to my "pink ken doll". So I brought it out of it's new hiding place- tucked neatly in a plainly folded sweater that my roommate hated and would never want to borrow. It would up making and interesting addition to our already fabulous sex life. Out of embarrassment comes happiness! Oh, until the day I graduated I was referred to as "The Vibe Queen", "Wet Kenny", and other equally witty names."


"During a X-mas cruise, the first time having sex with my boyfriend, and our vibrator, our room steward walked in on us while he had it in me. My boyfriend jumped off the bed with vibrator buzzing in hand and chased him out of the room. He never looked at us in our face the remainder of our cruise. Very embarrassing."


"I was staying at my parents house while my fianc頷as out of town and I left for work one day and I was gone for about 10 hours when I arrived back home my parents had an embarrassed look on their faces what had happened was that my vibrator had been turned on somehow and my sister heard it and they thought there must of been an animal or something get in to the house so my sister her boyfriend and my mom and dad searched my whole room trying to find where it was coming from and my dad found it in a box of my things and to top it off found a few other things that my fianc頨ad bought me over the 3 yrs we have been together. Needless to say it was the most embarrassing thing to happen to me."

Alison B.

"I got a vibrator from my boyfriend, because he gets off watching me playing with myself. Well, my boyfriend and I had broke up and I moved back home with my parents....my father is a preacher. One day while my father and I and my sister were switching my bedroom to the front bedroom my father started helping me get some of my things out of the closet. I had totally forgotten about the vibrator my boyfriend gave me, when my father has it in his hand putting in a box. I am standing there in shock that he has it in his hand and isn't saying anything. My sister looks over at him and says, "OH MY GOD!" My father looks over at her and asks what is wrong. She was so embarrassed as so was I that my father had it and I guess didn't really know what it was. Anyway, after we finished and we were all watching television that night....my father mentions to me that he figured out what my sister were so worried about earlier. He said, at first he didn't even think of it being a vibrator. I was so embarrassed and speechless I didn't know what to say...I was so red in the face. Now, I've gotten rid of my vibrator since that incident and I miss it very much. I need to win this one...hahahahahaha! I no longer live at home with my parents so I don't have to worry about my father holding it and not know what it is until later."


My boyfriend is fanatically obsessed with sex and is always experimenting with new positions, and strategies in order to give us a higher quality of sexual pleasure. He got me into looking into these things also, and I have found that it is quite hard to be turned on unless one of his intimate sex toys is on location! He has also bought a video camera strictly for making home-made porno's. We seem to have an unlucky fate of being caught in embarrassing run-ins. Not only was one of our "home movies" played on accident when some co-workers had come over for some drinks, but one day my mother stopped by and went to the bookshelf to try and find one of her old books that was lost when I moved out years before. She was musing through them and found one of Bob's "2001 Methods to Enhance Orgasmic Energy" books, and she also stumbled across one of our little sex kits which we thought had been cleverly hidden in a secret box made to look like an old book. It contained several mortifying instruments, as well as countless erotic oils and lotions. My mother calmly dropped a pair of edible underwear on my kitchen stove and said I would probably want more for supper than that!

Gina M.

Well, I knew it had been awhile since I had worn my crotch less underwear. The day I decided to have the carpets cleaned, I found out why. While the 2 guys were moving my furniture out of the room to get it ready for cleaning, you guessed it, my black, lacy, crotch less panties were up under the sofa. The carpet cleaner simply reached down and picked them up and handed them to me. Red faced, I said "thanks."

After that experience, I was more careful about keeping up with them.


Well I had just turned forty and became sexually aroused like never before and spent 4hrs. in a sex store for the first time in my life. I purchased two different types of dildos: the Big King and a suction cup base Big Bam dildo. I decided after I bought the Big Bam was just too big and it really wasn't what I wanted so I threw it away in my recycle bin, the men who are on the regular route was emptying the bin when the dildo fell out, I was standing in my kitchen window and saw them looking at me laughing as they played and swung the dildo around. I got more winks and tongue gyrations than I've ever seen in my life. now they wink at me every 2nd Tuesday of the month when they see me in the window. Thank God they don't know my name!

Felice W.

I went with a buddy to the airport to pick up his daughter, we had to go through security and I had to empty my pockets. There in the basket for all to see was my metal cockring, my buddy kept asking be what the hell it was. I told him and we laughed about it all day!


My dog brought my stimulator out of the bedroom into a room full of family on Thanksgiving. How did they all know what it was? Wouldn't have been so obvious but he managed to turn it on first.


On a recent trip to Reno, for our anniversary, we had chance for some romance. My husband and I were in the airport at the security check point when one of our bags, going thru the X-ray was pulled aside for a questionable item inside. The young man behind the counter was a little shocked when the only thing I could think of was the small box I pulled out and popped open to reveal my pretty gold ben-wah balls. He did seem to recover but was still tentative in that the items in question were a cylindrical shape on the screen. We then realized that our collection of dimes and nickels in coin wrappers were the items in question. We save them all year long just for this sort of trip. The young man, seemed to be very relieved to let us continue on to our final destination.

Rebecca H.

I was working for a Correctional department and was subject to random searches. I never had any problem, until one day I forgot that my vibrator was in my purse. They chose that day to search my purse and when the officer checking pulled out this 8' penis shaped item and asked "what's this?" I thought I'd die from embarrassment. At least until he finally realized what it was and turned beet red. I never had my purse searched again.

Karen H.

I was traveling to a business meeting when I decided that now was a great time to test out the vibrator my boyfriend bought me when he left town for 8 months. I got up and went to the ladies room...had an incredible orgasm and then freshened up. I Had to pass the pilot on my way back to me seat and just smiled at him...thinking "If he only knew what I had just done!". I few moments later he sat down in the seat next to me and handed me my vibrator! I had forgotten it on the shelf in the restroom! After considerable embarrassment he invited me to sample real sex in the air! WOW!


I was with my (male) boss on a pretty crowded subway, and my hands were really full and I had to stand. I had my vibrator in my purse and some guy bumped into me and I dropped everything in my hands. Somehow during the fall it switched into the 'on' position and came vibrating out of my purse! My boss had started to help me pick up my stuff but didn't know what to do when the vibrator came creeping towards him. Needless to say, everyone but myself got a good laugh.

Autumn Y.

My boyfriend of four years was going away to grad school and we were going to be separated for the first time since we got together. As a joke he got me a small vibrator that looked like a tube of lipstick. He said that it was for those "lonely nights that he could not fill with passion". I laughed and dropped it into my purse and forgot about it. A couple of days later I went to the airport with Jeff and his parents to see him off. While waiting for his plane to arrive his mother and I went into the restroom at the same time. While I was in the stall she asked if I had any lipstick she could borrow. I told her to look in my purse. When I came out of the stall she was standing there with this look of horror on her face as she held my vibrator in her hand. She looked at me and left the restroom and walked back to where her husband and Jeff were sitting all the while holding the vibrator away from her in her hand like it was some kind of disease. The look on Jeff's face will definitely be one that I never forget.

Jill B.

When my husband and I were having sex, we had members from our family sitting in the living room while we got a quickie. He was using the vibrator and for some reason it was feeling soooo good to me that I could not focus on the door ( which had no lock on it) I was trying my best to contain my self when a family member came walking in the door and I yanked the vibrator out and it hit him in the head because my hands were all slippery with lube. After that we made him swear that he would not tell anyone in the next room.. We still don't know if he did or didn't.

Carol H.

I came home from work in time to sign for my 'special order' from the UPS man. I unwrapped and took my new toy out of the packaging and threw the box and package my new toy came in into the trash. My adult step-son came home with his girlfriend, being the very helpful guy he is, he opened the garbage can and pulled the bag out of the can to take it out. I'm not sure how or what happened but the bag slipped out of his hands and spilled all over the floor the packaging for a King Dong was revealed to both him and his girlfriend. I wanted to die, but I'm sure I'm a topic of funny parent stories at the college he attends.

Carol J.

My girlfriend and I were going to separate colleges for graduate school. One of our toys got left under my bed in it's "plain brown wrapper" which we kept in. One day I was looking for something I had miss placed in my room. A friend was helping. She looked under the bed and pulled out the bag asking if it was in here. Before I could stop her she pulled the dildo out. All she said was "oh my" and got rather red. It was the last thing she expected for me to have under my bed I guess. She just put it back and did not say a word about it, to this very day. LOL


"I had just moved in an apartment and I was like the innocent girl that just moved in for everybody. I had a piece of furniture that I was moving in with this guy I had a crush on. When trying to carry in the furniture, my land lord's son came by to help.(which I was attracted to as well) When they both went into my room, we realized that we need to move my shifernier. As they lifted it up my vibrator was just laying there. I thought that I had put it under the last drawer, and I practically put it on the floor. After that I could never go out when my land lord and her son where outside. Also, the guy that I liked, stop talking to me."

Cindie G.

"In 1995 I owned my own lingerie store (with novelties of course) and I wanted try out the infamous BenWa Balls. Well one of my employees (a close friend mind you) dared me to insert them while working and see if I could keep them in all day. Well needless to say in spandex you don't wear underwear now do you? Everything was going just fine for awhile until my employee (remember this is supposed to be a close friend of mine) gets it in her head that she's going to do everything in her power to make me lose them (the balls). A new customer comes in (a man) looking for a gift for his wife. Everything was going great, about to close a great sale, when my employee comes by and pinches me on my ass. I whirled around in surprise, lost all control and guess what? That's right, my Ben Wa Balls went clanking onto the floor at my customers feet. Much to my horror he bent over to retrieve them (a reflex thing I guess). At seeing him about to retrieve a very intimate object from my body I bent over to retrieve the balls at the same time and (that's right) our heads collided. The whole thing went into hysteria mode after that. I shamefully apologized, picked up my balls, ran from the room and left my customer to my employee (who is still my friend) to close the deal. Funny, after that incident the new customer became a devoted customer after that always asking me to wait on him. God how I miss those days."

Jennifer L.

Talk Back: Most Romantic Time

I wrote to my husband who was out of town a letter explaining all the sexy things I was going to do to him and when he got in town I followed the letter to a tee which was very exciting because he was in anticipation for a week. He was very pleased, and said it was like foreplay for a week.

San Antonio, TX

One night when I came home from work, there was a rose waiting for me on the counter, and a note from my boyfriend telling me to follow the trail to his heart. On the floor there were rose petals leading all the way to the balcony. There I found my boyfriend and a candle-lit dinner for the two of us. After we had dinner he went over to the radio where after about 5 min. I heard the DJ say that this next song was going out to "Cory's Fiance"... and it was our song!!! It was there that he proposed to me. It was the most romantic night of my life!


My boyfriend took me to the beach, we walked on the Pier, kissing, holding, caressing each other. He then took me down by the ocean, at night. Promptly made Love to me. People were watching us, but the passion and desire took over. I really didn't care, it was the most romantic evening in my entire life. We both are married, but our love for each other was stronger, than the Love we have for our spouses. He truly stole my heart, that night!


My husband took me away for the weekend and we stayed in a room with hot tub, fireplace, etc. Everything was perfect , until the maid came in during sex, in the hot tub. You can imagine what happened after that. ha ha He was very romantic though , (that weekend). and I am ready to go again. Anything risky gets my blood boiling. ooh la la


I have the most erotic moment to share with you. I had been with my girlfriend for 3 1/2 years. I love her more everyday. One day at work I found myself so turned on by a day dream I had to scratch the "Itch". I locked the door and began touching myself through my pantyhose. I really like the feeling. I had a brief but enjoyable orgasm. That let me get back to the work at hand. I stated thinking that Courtney my sweetheart liked the same. This gave me a idea, I knew Courtney had a fantasy about ballerinas. So I started thinking how that I could make her fantasy come true. So I went online and did some shopping a week passes by she didn't have a clue as to what I was up to. The "Outfits" arrived I bought Courtney one. I picked a night that I knew she was going to have a short day, I wrote a note and left it on the counter in plain sight with a cassette player. In the sexiest voice I could muster, I started telling her to strip down going over every inch of her body telling her to caress the vital areas then telling her to draw a hot bath and explore her body "very detailed" I used some very relaxing music as to help pass the time. The tape then flipped over and began telling her to dry off going over her lovely body. I then told her to go to her top drawer there was a surprise for her. I had picked out s purple spandex leotard, black shimmery tights, pointed shoes and a black wrap skirt. I was at work trying to imagine what she was thinking, I became so excited I had a hard time sitting still.

Time passed by slowly, finally it was time to go home. I had brought the other costume to work with me. I made a quick stop in the ladies changed then covered up. I was my heart was pounding I couldn't wait till I got home.

As I got to the door I added the last part to my costume, a ballerina isn't anything without her pointed shoes. I walked in the house. I found Courtney on the floor doing the splits she recovered from her position and hugged me she said she was "VERY" turned on I could tell she had a small damp spot developing so did I. I started undressing when Courtney saw my outfit she was shocked with surprise. We began to go over each others body finding the sensitive and excited parts of our bodies we had the most erotic fun. Feeling a cool hand slipping between my leotard and tights is something I will never forget. The session lasted a good 4-5 hours Courtney did not want to shed her leotard so the four play continued on. Courtney and I have found a new way to explore each other without penetration and still reach a very deep climax. However we do both love our toys. Were always looking for new things to try...


My baby washed, scrubbed, and lotion my feet and then he placed each toe in his mouth and sucked on them very gently. It was very sensual and very sexy.


My boyfriend always gets me really nice expensive gifts for the holidays. So I wanted to get him a Tag watch that he really wanted but I was in college and had no money. I saved up all year and decided that I would be able to afford the watch by Valentines Day. So I bought the watch and wanted to give it to him in a unique way. I figured that I would create a treasure hunt for him in his apartment. I left little notes around for him to find. He finally found the last one and still couldn't find the present in the room. He looked and looked and finally after like 20 min he found it. He was so excited about the watch, I have never seen him light up that quickly. At the same time he was so concerned where I had earned the money for the watch, he offered to take it back. I insisted that he keep the watch, and we spent the next three days in bed.


One year for valentines day, my fianc頢ought me a dozen pink doughnuts. I laughed so hard I cried. He made out like that was all I was going to be getting for that year but hidden in the box was a huge heart shaped ruby ring. He took me out to dinner that night. It was so sweet. I fell in love with him all over again.

Dickson, TN

We had gotten a hotel room. it was a beautiful Holliday inn. I went out to pick us up some food and came back a half an hour later. When I walked into the room he had rose petals all over the bed and a little nighty for me. He was wearing boxers with little hearts that said I love you. He walked over to me and took the food, set it on the ground and started to kiss me. He started with my jacket and continued to remove all my clothing. He waked over to the radio on the chair and pressed play, our song started playing and I almost cried. We danced to the song and just like on a movie, he laid me onto the bed and we made the sweetest love ever. It was wonderful and beautiful. We lay there for several more hours talking about how we met and our first few weeks, then we talked about the future and the things we would do. That was the most wonderful Valentines day.

Quincy, IL

We rented a yacht in New Port Beach California, then we had a gondola ride under the sun set, dinner on the shore then a very nice night to remember with candles, sexy nighty and roses...

Moreno valley, CA

I sent my girl a dozen white and red roses with a tiny vibrator in it . On the card there was a nude picture of me with a small message saying I love her and I would see her later. For dinner I had two dozen oysters and wine for waiting. later we had chocolate syrup and whipped cream for dessert on each other . I spread whipped cream from her pussy to her ass and licked it off her. We had three hours of fucking and sucking

Papillion, NE

We had only been seeing each other for a month and Valentines was coming up. Well he had known that I love chocolate covered Strawberries. So he drove to every mall within a hundred miles to find me them, with no success. So he showed up on Valentines with a yellow rose, a sleeping tee shirt with our names in hearts, which I still have, and a card that he had made at one of those make your own card machines, that had chocolate covered strawberries on the cover and the inside said I tried but could not find any so I hope this will do, but later I will cover my little strawberry in chocolate and we can both enjoy.

Copperas Cove, TX

Way back when I was dating this guy. I blindfolded him and we ordered Chinese food and I took him to a college football stadium (at night) and we ate and had mad sex in the middle of the field. It was great!

Providence, RI

The year my husband and I began dating, I was renting my own condo. He had his own key and when he came home one night I had candles lighted everywhere and stood in the foyer waiting for him. He always told me he only wanted "me" for a present, so I bought Tulle (see-through ribbon) and tied a bow around my chest and one around my hips. I let him do the unwrapping! Plus of course we did the other fun edible undies and stuff, but the present was the best. He says it was the best present he ever got! :)

Keyport, NJ

It was few years ago we had to go to a wedding. In the middle of this wedding I started to get a little warm so I got up to get a little bit of water and my husband thought there was something wrong so he came to where I was and I told him that I was getting horny. I took him to an empty room and I began to fuck the hell out of him. Well, I found out after that, we had sex in a confession room. I will confess that it was the best sex I have had in along time...

Salem, Oregon

My boyfriend and I were at a party one night with all of our friends. We were high and drunk while watching this nasty video and all of a sudden I was eating this girl out and getting fucked in my ass by my boyfriends best friend. We had one big orgy. I have to admit that I was attracted to girls before. I wanted it to happen again! maybe it will!

Dallas, TX

I don't have much experience, When I married my husband, we were both virgins. I think the most exiting thing that we have ever done is have sex in a public park in the middle of the day. We were not alone, we had a friend with us that was watching. We had anal sex for the first time on that day , and I loved it!

Concord, NC

My boyfriend and I just come back from his basketball game. His team won, so he decided that we should take a long vacation away from home. So he surprised me with two tickets to Hawaii. I was so happy I didn't know what to say. We took a week and a half off from school to have a little fun and romance. When we got to the hotel we decided to have a little fun before we got unpacked. He laid down on the bed to get comfy. I took my shirt off and did some dirty dancing and slowly took the rest of my clothes off. I crawled onto the bed to get closer to him. I unbuttoned his shirt and started kissing his chest working my way closer to his seven inch dick. Unbutton his belt and suck his cum out. Feeling that nice warm cum on my mouth and body made me even hornier. He pulled my head up and put me on my back, and fucked me hard and good, giving me orgasm after orgasm. We were going for a long time, until the people in the other room knocked on our wall and told us to shut the hell up. But that didn't stop us from having more fun. We told everybody back home that we just had a romantic week.

Annapolis, Maryland

I use to work at HI-vee food store in the deli with all these girls I was the only guy at the time. I worked with all these good looking chicks all day watching them bend over and pick stuff up and they were young and man did that make me horny. When I got off work I was so horny all I wanted to was have sex. I was not married at the time and was just dating a girl that is my wife now. She would wait for me in the deli until I got off work. My girl friend was sitting in the eating area waiting for me when someone came in with all these balloons that said I love you on them. I was so surprised when I found out they were for me. Now it was time to leave and I took the balloons with me. We went to her parents house and up to her bed room and made love for the first time. I knew this was going to be my lucky day and it was we have been together for twelve years and it is only getting better.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I invited my boyfriend over for dinner and a movie. I decorated the dining room with a classic setting lit by candlelight. We had champagne and then dinner. I asked him if he wanted dessert and he asked what I had. I told him something chocolaty, fruity, and very sweet. He said sure. I went to the kitchen, disrobed, ran Hershey's chocolate, chopped strawberries, and whip cream (strategically placed) all over myself careful not to get any on the floor. Then, I put on a sandwich board I had made to look like a giant box of candy. I walked into the dining room. My boyfriend was all smiles. I told him I had a box of candy for him and asked if he'd like a piece. He said yes. I told him to help himself. And, he did! He told me it was the best candy he'd ever eaten.

Petaluma, CA

I rented a hotel room and had my sister watch my daughter. I had went to the store the day before and bought, some whipped cream, cherries, a string of beads, scented candles, and a blacklight bulb. I set the music just right, put the blacklight bulb into the lamp and lit the scented candles. I stuffed the string of beads deep into my vagina, then I put on my brand new lingerie. At this time I called my partner and told him to meet me here at this room, and it was an emergency. He arrived in about 15 minutes. When he came in, I stood over him, and danced erotically. Then surprisingly pulled the string of beads slowly from inside of me, and placed them on his stomach. He removed them and placed them in his mouth. At this time I placed the whipped cream and cherries all over his body. I licked every inch of it off. By this time, he was aching with desire. I then teased him by softly touching the head of his penis, to the opening of my hot vagina, being careful not to fully insert it. After about 3 minutes of this, I then surprisingly, deeply sat on his shaft taking every inch of his manhood. Stroking and bouncing, wiggling and turning, gyrating, and rolling until we both reached our ultimate peaks.

Decatur, Ga

For my birthday, my boyfriend invited another girl into our bed and we got it on all night, he loved it, and I didn't mind! When he fell asleep me and my new friend started to wake him up by licking him down there and he became hard and we did it again.

Santa Cruz, CA

My husband and I have been married for 8 years and we have two children together. Sometimes the routine of everyday life begins to wear down the romance in your love life. One weekend last year, I got my sister to baby-sit and reserved a room at the Holiday Inn. I called my husband and had him meet me there later in the evening, so that I would have time to set everything up. As I opened the door, I blindfolded him, so that he couldn't see what I had in store for him. I stripped him and guided him toward the bed. I had the room light only be scented candles and I was wearing a new red nighty. As he lay there, I sensually brought fruit to his lips and asked him to guess what he was tasting. I dipped my finger in different sauces -- chocolate, caramel, raspberry, etc. He licked them from my fingers and guessed what they were. I rubbed him with warm body oil and gave him a very sexy massage. To top it off, I rubbed passion fruit lotion all over his cock and gave him the most amazing blow job that he said he had ever had. We had the most amazing lovemaking that I believe we had ever had. All because of the element of surprise -- and SEDUCTION! Now, we have decided to do something similar at least once a year. Taking turns with who picks the rendezvous and what activities we will enjoy that time.

Orange Park, FL

I went out and bought some "things for my room...glow in the dark body glitter, a sexy silver velvet bra and panties...glowing stars on the ceiling and motion lotion (cinnamon) that along with the strobe light and me all over him....well...lets just say he will never forget it.

Salbury, NC

Talk Back: The Most Exciting Place You've Had Sex

The wildest place I ever had sex was on top of our local mall on one of the sky lights with my boyfriend who was a security guard at the time. It was during business hours. We never got caught and it was a rush because any customer in the mall that looked up in the air could have seen us up there making love.

Sarah C.
Macon, Georgia

I had sex on top of a dryer in in the men's barrack on a marine base in North Carolina. We walked downstairs to work on the laundry and started working on each other instead. It was terrific sex, except that we had to cut it short because we heard someone coming down the hallway, we had to hide behind one of the banks of washers until they left. Of course while we were crouched down waiting, my lover made me quietly finish him off with some head.

Germantown, MA

During a birthday party for my husband at our home. I was out in the back yard when my husband's best friend started to come on to me. It really turned me on. As it got later people went back into the house. My husband's friend and I stayed out in the backyard talking. He put his hand on my leg and slowly slid it up my thigh. He slid his hand into my shorts. I got so hot I couldn't think straight. Next thing I know we are on the ground under the picnic table. When he slid his large penis into me I thought I was going to explode. I swear it was the best sex I ever had. Every time I see him I feel like ripping his clothes off. I only hope to get the chance again.

Buffalo, NY

One weekend we were partying at our camper at the Nascar race. We wanted to be kinky so me and my husband goes behind the camper. I started to suck on his hard cock. We took off our clothes. I was touching my toes and he puts his hard cock in my pussy. While we were going at it his friend Guy, comes up to see what we was doing. We were too far into it so we just kept going. Guy sat back and watched. If was so exciting to have him to watch us make love. I would love to do it again , maybe next time he will join us.

Dawn R.
Lewisburg, TN

My boyfriend and I were returning from a wild night of partying, we were so horny we could not even make it to the front door. I wound up leaning against his apartment door as he hiked up my skirt and pounded me from behind right there in the hallway. The fear of someone walking out or in only added to the excitement and arousal. It was dirty, sexy, and fun!

Celeste C.
New Orleans, LA

I was in high school, about five years ago, it was my senior year. My boy friend loved to take me into one of the boy's bathrooms in a quiet part of the school and he would bend me over the sink and fuck the hell out of my then virgin pussy while fingering by ass hole. I remember he loved to pull out his fat cock just before he came and make me jack him off so he could shoot onto the mirror. We would both giggle and laugh thinking about the janitor cleaning that off!


A few years ago I was having an affair with a cop. We had sex in the police station, in his police car, in the courthouse, and the best was at the firing range. Once we got caught by the Mayor. He said hello and walked right back out to let us finish what we had started. The orgasms that both of us had were incredible. Granted he waited for us outside but we still had a blast.

Jackie M.
Peekskill, NY

We went to a small park and while a guy sat on the bank of the pond fishing we had sex (I was on his lap, buck naked)in the back seat of my car. By the time we were through the windows were so steamed up you couldn't see out of them. After we were through, we wiped a spot off on the windshield and that guy was still sitting there even though my car had to be doing some serious shaking.

Gina F.
Grand Blanc, MI

My husband and I had our house up for sale. One day, we got a little crazy and had sex on the back porch when the agent appeared to show the house! We totally forgot that he was coming and when they knocked on the door and we did not answer, he decided to walk around to the back of the house to find us there, naked, and going wild. After that, we only had enough guts to tell the agent the house was not for sale so that we would not have to face him anymore.

Erin K.
Jacksonville, Alabama

In the men's restroom at a Pizza Hut. The place was pretty crowded and everyone watched us as we both came out at the same time. But what the hell, it was worth it. I remember we both returned to our now cold pizza, and ate pretty fast. We got out of there as fast as we could. It was such a turn-on, my girl friend was still horny so she blew me on the ride home.

Sam P.
Kingsville, MO

The wildest place I had sex was in a porn shop in one of the booths while three guys were waiting outside to use the booth. I know they could hear me and my lover outside the little plywood door but I didn't care, the raunchy movie was playing and we got excited and just went for it right there and then.

Melody M.
Stockton, CA

Here in Lake Charles, LA we have a big long bridge where I jumped on my husbands big dick at the beginning of the bridge and rode up that bridge like I never had before. The bad thing about it is my husband was swerving all over and we didn't notice that a state trooper was behind us. This is about 2:00 am in the morning, lots of drunks out. Anyways, lights went on right in the middle of my orgasm. The trooper pulled us over, and it turned out to be a friend of my husband. He just laughed and let us go. I have a hard time facing him now when he comes over.

Lori R.
Sulphur, LA

My fiance I were going to get tans before our honeymoon so we joined a tanning place. During one of our sessions he told me to leave the door unlocked. He snuck in and fucked me good and long on the tanning bed. We ended up with nasty sun burns on our asses, but it was worth it.

Odessa, TX

I used to live in a small town, one night I was out drinking and met up with this super cute sheriff deputy that I had a crush on. One thing led to another and we ended up in his police car. We drove to a secluded road and made love on the hood with the lights on top flashing. It didn't hurt that he had a great body and new how to use it!

Forest Hills, CA

My husband and I were on a road trip and getting really horny as we drove along. I kept putting my hand in his lap and rubbing his hard dick through his slacks. He couldn't take it any more, and pulled into an old time gas station, grabbing me by the hand, we headed for the bathroom. Once inside my husband bent me over the nasty sink and fucked me from behind like a wild stallion. We both came and ran out, jumping back in our car and taking off before anybody saw us.

Boyce, VA

The wildest and craziest place was with my boss in his office. I was working at Burger King and I had been dating my supervisor for at least a year at this point. He put his hand in between my legs and asked me if I was wet, I replied yes. He asked if I was bold enough to get it then while we were in his office. It was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and the restaurant was packed and a whole new shift of workers had just come in to start. The office is right beside the person that makes the sandwiches and has a window to look inside. Well anyway I closed the door and proceeded to touch his throbbing penis that just could not wait to get inside, I pulled down his zipper while he undressed me with one hand and pushed everything on the desk to the side with the other. He picked me up and placed me on the desk and proceeded to put his throbbing penis inside of me. It was the best sex we both had experienced together. The absolute best part of it is that we now have a 2 year old beautiful daughter as a result of that passionate sex.

Nakita J.
Ft. Pierce, FL

My boyfriend and I were staying in a hotel while visiting some friends in Boston. After going out and getting pretty drunk we decided to go skinny dipping in the pool. It didn't take much to get my boyfriend naked and in the pool. We made hot passionate love in the shallow end, the Jacuzzi and on the diving board! That was the best sex I ever had, probably because of the risk of getting caught by another guest.


The craziest place I had ever had sex was in an airport. I was picking up my boyfriend from a trip he had been on. I noticed an open door to a empty room. Once inside, with the door locked, he then gently pushed me up against the wall and started to kiss me all over. He then lifted up my dress, and tore off my panties, got on his knees and began to eat me like crazy. I was so excited I couldn't stand it anymore, so he pulled me down to the floor and shoved himself inside of me. I had the best orgasm ever. I think it was the thrill of having to rush (quickie) before someone would enter the room that made it so incredibly exciting.

Rose A.
Queens, NY

We were having my boyfriend's Harley serviced and to pass the time we went into the clothing area of the shop. My man picked out some half shirts with the Harley logo on them and had me try them on. I guess he just went wild when he saw me come out, the shirt was really short, and the bottoms of my tan boobs were fully visible. He grabbed me and took me into the dressing room where he devoured my chest. He made me go down on him right there with nothing but a small curtain separating us from the showroom. It was awesome sex, the best I've ever had.

Terri S.
San Antonio, TX

I had crazy, wild, sex on the steps of The MOMA (Museum of Modern Art in New York). We thought people would think we were just kissing and embracing, but with my skirt up and panties pushed to the side and him inside me and us in that corner, I had such a rocking, dripping, sopping wet orgasm, that he had to cover my mouth to muffle my screaming. I still can't believe no one caught us!

Dakeeta, G.
Brooklyn, NY

I once had sex on the hood of a car in a place just outside of town when a police officer came up on the scene and watched the whole thing, never once letting us know that he was there until it was over. We only realized he was there when three wild dogs started growling at us. The cop jumped out of his car and ran the dogs away. He asked us if it was worth almost being attacked and getting arrested. We both replied, "Hell yes, it was the best ever." He smiled and said it looked like it was good to him. He then wished us a good day and left.

Anne S.
Tarboro, NC

When I was in college I had a boyfriend in a fraternity, we always had sex in his room with his room mate supposedly asleep across the room. Once I caught him watching us, pretending to be asleep, but I could tell he was masturbating under his covers. I winked at him and just kept riding my boyfriend. From then on I always got really turned on whenever we did it because I knew he was watching us and pleasuring himself. It was kind of like I was performing for him too.

Ruth, TX

I had sex 41st floor stairwell in the Carew Tower with the Fed Ex man on his lunch break. He had been teasing me for weeks so I decided to let him know how interested I really was. I asked him to lunch at my spot. He ate pussy like a pro the fucked me crazy while I looked down the stairwell 41 stories high. I thought I was going to fall, but the sex was so good I did not care.

Cincinnati, OH

I had been chatting with a guy online for about a month. We met at a mall near where I work. We went out to his car where he started going down on me. I just laid back over the front seat, put my jacket over my head so no one could recognize me, and let him have me for lunch. When I cum, I squirt all over and this was no exception. My dress was wet, his face, neck and shirt was soaked, and I had to go back to the office. When he stopped he got up, came over to the driver side, and we sat and chatted for a few more minutes. He then drove me back to my car, and I went back to work. I snuck into my office where I stayed all afternoon, wondering if anyone knew. I dripped all afternoon with the memory. Would I do it again? Sure thing. I'm a little nervous of where he'll take me next.

Toronto, Ontario

We were at a crowded football game when I went to college, so crowded that I was sitting on by boyfriend's lap. He slid is dick out and pulled my panties down under my skirt and put it inside me. Because the crowed was so tight no one noticed I was getting excited and being thrusted from behind. Everyone thought I was dancing to the music of the band but would never stand up. About 15 minutes went by I began to reach an orgasm. When I reached that climax I stood straight up and my boyfriend had also reached that climax and when I stood up he had come squirting all over the place. He grabbed me to sit down but it was too late. Come was everywhere. It was a mess and we laughed like we were at a comedy club but no one noticed. We saw semen on people's jackets on there backs, pants, shirts. That was some good sex and now we try to have sex in public all the time while no one can notice.

Paterson, NY

We were just recently married, newlyweds. We had been driving a long time, coming back from a trip. I (completely naked) had been giving him a little head while he was driving. Sometimes he would reach over and massage my clitoris or explore my vagina. Well, after quite a few miles, we were so horny we couldn't wait until we got home. He proceeded to pull over to the side of the road in the emergency lane (it really was an emergency) and he began oral sex with me and nibbling on my nipples. We then had sweet, sweet sex. It seemed like it continued forever (don't know how long we were there). I think it was the best sex we ever had during our 5 year marriage. I look back on that and I think it was because we knew we were having sex on the side of the interstate with all the cars passing by and no one ever knew. It was the best turn-on I think I had ever had.

Cindy C.
Barnesville, GA

One of the best places I had sex was on the beach, my boyfriend liked watching the girls in their bathing suits. So we got a little busy under the boardwalk. I started stroking him until he was very nice and hard then he mounted me and we went to town pumping away. Two girls started watching and it just got him more aroused. Finally they started folding up their blankets and collecting their things, and we were trying to reach orgasms before they would come by us. It was great. We both came and left before the girls got to us.

Millie M.
Blakeslee, PA

In my car with my husbands best friend in our driveway. We went out to get pizza and ended up having sex right in our driveway. Just as we finished, my husband noticed we were back and came out to meet us. I had just got my panties back on and up as he opened the side door on the van

Debra G.
Wynne, AR

One day me and my husband were going down the road an I undressed in the car and started giving him a blow job. He got so hot that we drove down a private road, got out, and started fucking each other in broad daylight until we both cummed over, and over, and over again. It was awesome.

Shirley R.
Winnsboro, TX

I drive a truck for a living and changing gears all day was making me very hot and horny. I was broke down and waiting for a service truck to come repair my truck. I just couldn't help it I took off my jeans and straddle the gear shift. It vibrates when the truck is in park. Gosh it felt so good, it was very warm from the heat from the engine. I started grinding the gear shift and boy was I cumming good then I heard a knock at my door. It was my boss! I was so embarrassed but it felt so good, he climbed on the side of my truck to see what I was doing. I already had a thing for him anyway so I put down the window it turned him on so much that he wanted to have sex with me. So we did, right there on the Interstate, and it was wonderful, just the best.

Susan A.
Alvaston, GA

I once had sex with a boyfriend in the back of his dad's pickup truck while going down the interstate with his dad driving. There was a topper on the back of the pickup. His dad was pulled over by a highway patrolman for speeding. Thank god he did not look in the back and we didn't get caught. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

Jeanie W.
Cohasset, MN

I was at a wedding being held in the groom's parents' backyard under a tent. There was a fabulous live band and at least two hundred guests. I spent most of the evening dancing with the groom's best friend, a fellow I had known growing up, but hadn't seen in several years. The combination of champagne and alternately fast and slow dancing had gotten both of us into a sweat, and by mutual agreement, we went around the side of the house. In moments we were kissing and fondling one another through our clothes, and he got me so hot so fast that I couldn't think straight. Pinning me to the shingled siding, he pulled my panties off while I unzipped him. He raised my leg and pushed into me and we screwed like crazy people while watching the party just beyond our shadowed spot. It was incredible!

Isabel N.
North Egermont, MA

The wildest and most erotic place I have ever had sex was in Salem, Mass. My partner on a Halloween night decided to have a sexual feast with me, making love on the grave of one of the judges that judged the witch trials. It was incredible and scary and the best sex I have ever had. People were going by and I do believe they knew what we were doing. It even made it more exciting, who knows what the judge thought.

Kelly L.
Methuen, MA

My husband and I were making love on our 3 season porch on an 85 degree evening after a thunderstorm. I decided to move our party outside onto our deck, mind you, we have never met our new neighbors adjacent to us. We soon realized we had company but not before I had leaned over the top rail of our deck and bent over for my husband to enter from behind while letting out a squeal like a coyote. My neighbor asked if we were okay? I said we are fine, thanks for asking.

Jennifer M.
Carver, MA

I was having an affair with a married man who has children my age. We met at work and had a wonderful relationship. I worked 2nd shift and he on 1st. He would come in late at night to see me. Back then, they were remodeling the upstairs offices. The executive board room was the first room done and I thought it would be erotic to have sex on the board room table. And we did just that. The thrill of being caught was the most amazing feeling of all. The sex was great the thrill was greater.

Lori E.

I once had sex in a limo parked in a cemetery late at night. My lover was a mortician and we took the car up to the hill and fucked ourselves silly. When we got finished, we looked out and saw the guard, a friend of my lover, standing outside the limo jacking off.

Aliso Viejo, CA

It happened one day out of the blue at work. Almost on a daily basis, the skinniest guy in the kitchen was always flirting with me. One day I finally took him up on his erotic offers. We went into the storeroom, after some kissing, I put my hand down his pants and what did I feel? The guy was bigger than John Holmes! I couldn't help myself, it turned me on like you wouldn't believe. Here was this skinny kid sporting the largest cock I had ever seen! He was the best lay I've ever had and I still dream about him and his huge penis from time to time.

Syracuse, NY

The wildest place I ever had sex was in a restaurant bathroom. I was upset about a recent break up with my boyfriend and my best female friend came into the bathroom to calm me down. Well, she did that alright. She hugged me and next thing I knew she was playing with my clit and taking off my clothes. She then undressed me and pulled her pants down. There was the biggest rubber cock I ever seen and she was wearing it all for me. A Strap On! She said she was waiting to use this on me. That was my first lesbian experience. She told me she was going to make me forget all about my boyfriend, and did she ever! I couldn't help but scream in pleasure when I orgasmed over and over again. We almost got caught when an older woman came to the door we had forgotten to lock. She got the door closed in her face as quick as she opened it, but we think she still got a good quick view.

Elizabethtown, PA

Once I had sex in the women's bathroom of Super bowl 34 during the halftime show.

Dearborn Heights, MI

We were going on a camping trip to one of the state parks in Arkansas. My lover talked me in to pulling down my shorts while I was driving down the interstate. It was too arousing to handle, he had my pussy so wet and throbbing. I reached over and felt his hard dick, I just had to pull over and put it in my mouth. By the time we got to the state park, we were both so hot that we didn't care who saw us. We parked the car and headed for the closes picnic table where we both exploded.

Pine Bluff, AK

I was having a Christmas party for my employees and decided to go out in the parking lot and get it on with my wife in our truck. We were really into it, being loud and our employees are beginning to leave, a few at a time. The next time I looked up, a group of 6 employees and their spouses had walked over to our Blazer to see if we were broke down and caught us in the middle of the act. we are now asked on a daily basis if were going to leave work early to have sex in the parking lot.

Carlisle, OH

I met this guy at a club, we went out to his convertible, put the top down and began making out in the car. Pretty soon one thing led to another and we ended up moving from the inside of the car to the hood! It was a turn-on to think we could be caught at any time. The next day my mother said you wouldn't believe what I saw last night. I saw that guy that you liked from the club having sex with some slut on the hood of his car last night.

Philadelphia, PA

My boyfriend and I were driving on a trip, I started playing with his penis and he was caressing my breasts, and putting his hand down my pants touching my G-spot. He suggested we get a room, but I told it would be better if we just did whatever came natural. So I found a spot down a dirt road, leading to a farm. He was pretty uncomfortable at first seeing it was noon, but after I took my shirt off and started playing with myself he was all for it. So we moved outside to the hood of the car and got our groove on. With it daylight, the sun hiding behind the clouds and it raining it made for a perfect atmosphere for an orgasm.

Celena A.
Warner Robins, GA

A couple of years ago I was in the hospital for about a week. One day during a visit from my husband, I went into the bathroom and motioned for him to follow me. Hospital bathrooms are pretty small to begin with, and both of us are over 6 feet tall. To make a long story short, I ended up bent over the bathtub with my nightgown over my head. I was nervous that someone would come in, and of course as we were really getting into it oblivious to anything around us, the nurse opened the door to discover what must of been a nice rear shot of my husbands ass and ball bag as his cock slid in and out of my pussy. She closed the door pretty quickly saying, "Excuse me!" It was such a turn-on, I came right then. My man pumped me a little longer and left his wad in my pussy and all over my ass. Now, most of my fantasies involve public places, and eventually I plan to live them out!

Longview, TX

My boyfriend and I are always looking for new things to do with our sex lives. One night we were driving around and I was sucking his big dick and he pulls in front of this house with like 10-20 cars in the drive way. We were having sex and not paying attention to anything else and I guess the party ended. It turns out we were blocking about 4-5 car loads of people. A few of them came up to the window and saw us. They threatened to call the police but we just got out of their as fast as possible!

Carlisle, OH

One night were at a concert during a Straightedge get together. In case you're not familiar with the term, Straightedge is a youth subculture that swears itself off of drugs, alcohol, meat products, and unfortunately, sex. Well, it was kind of bad timing, I'll admit, but the two of us ended up back stage having sex. We rolled through the curtain and out behind the drummer. It was definitely an experience it'll take a while to forget.

A.J. Spencer
Scottsdale, AZ

I once had sex in a jail bathroom. My ex at the time was in jail. We didn't see each other for like 7 months. We were both very horny. He had arranged for a friend to keep watch while we slipped into the visitors bathroom. I pulled my pants down and he entered me from behind. The thought of getting caught totally consumed my thoughts. It was very hot, but I think it was the first time I wanted him to hurry up and cum. He finally came (it seemed like hours) and he pulled up his pants and walked out first. I washed up and pulled up my pants. I was so sure that behind that door would be trouble. I walked out and to my surprise our little secret remained a secret. I made sure I sent out a thank you letter to the friend that looked out for us. This story gets me wet every time I think of it!

Michelle L.

My neighbor and I are attracted to each other. One night in August, I was on the trampoline. He saw me and came over. Things started happening and we had the best sex on the trampoline. just as we were about to finish, his wife came out on their deck and yelled for him. The privacy fence is all that saved us.

Opal W.
Crestwood, KY

When I was 15 my boyfriend was sleeping over. I was on one couch and he was supposed to be sleeping on the other. He was actually under my blankets eating me out. My mom came in to check on us asking me if everything was okay. I said "Yep, sure is!" She went to bed and I had my first orgasm.

Tamara S.
Titus, AL

The craziest place I had sex was in on a scooter. He was sitting on the seat while I was on top of him, driving, with my skirt pulled up. You could say I drove more than just the scooter. We were driving around a park late at night in Chicago. We were seen by a police officer who told us the park was closed and we needed to vacate. I thought for sure we were busted. It made it all that much more fun.

Sheldon, IL

I used to work as an officer. During those long hours of night duty, I used to have sex with my co-worker in one of the cells. One night the chief stopped in and caught us. It was obvious he was aroused, so I invited him to join in. We fucked and sucked the night away.

Chicago, IL

While I was a college student at a university in Texas,my boyfriend and I had sex in an empty classroom. We were in such a hurry that we forgot to turn out the lights. There was a small window in the door, so soon there were groups of people watching us. This just seemed to encourage my boyfriend, until the university academic advisor walked in. I don't have any regrets because it was by far the best sex that I have ever had!!

Jennifer N.

I was vacationing with my family in Mexico. My boyfriend came along, we were really horny so we pretended we were going to go fishing out on the rocks of the jetty. There are boats everywhere but we did not care. We got really low on the rocks and did it out there. The water was splashing up on us and everything. It was not only sneaky and mischievous but it was very romantic. I do not know to this day if anyone saw us, the sun was just starting to go down so it was kind of dark but not completely. It was the most amazing sex I had ever had, we were so sneaky and it was awesome.

San Diego, CA

The Human Sexual Response

Sex is an enormous part of our lives as humans, complete with its own rules, etiquette, and ritual. It requires such intense emotional investment that it is often easy to forget that sex is really just a biological function intended to advance our species. In their 1966 book Human Sexual Response, researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson reveal four generally accepted biological stages of sexual response. You may know it as getting? it on!

1. Stage One: Excitement

  • Increasing level of muscle tension

  • Quickened heart rate

  • Flushed skin or blotches of redness on the chest and back

  • Hardened or erect nipples

  • Vasocongestion: the swelling of the woman's clitoris and labia minora; erection of the man's penis

Vagina lubricatesCowper’s gland lubricates
Uterus elevates and growsTesticles elevate and swell
Breasts and vagina swellScrotal sac tightens
Pubococygeal muscle (surrounding vaginal opening) tightens

The readiness of a woman's body for orgasm is called the "orgasmic platform" by Masters and Johnson, hence foreplay! A man doesn't need to climb to an ?orgasmic platform,? his excitement levels leap to plateau and beyond far more quickly than a woman?s.

2. Stage Two: Plateau

This is the intensification of all of the changes begun during the excitement phase. Plateau is basically the having of the sex! This intense excitement is what couples try to prolong; sensitive body parts will be doubly sensitive during this period. After an hour or six, depending on the couple, the plateau phase evolves to the verge of orgasm, prompting the reversal of the excitement phase.

3. Stage Three: Orgasm

That's right, the big O. This is the peak of sexual excitement, the culmination of plateau.

  • Involuntary muscle contractions

  • Heightened blood pressure and heart rate

  • Rapid intake of oxygen

  • Sphincter muscle contraction

  • Spasms of the carpopedel muscles (feet)

  • Sudden forceful release of sexual tension

Rhythmic uterus muscle contractionsEmission phase: Seminal fluid builds up in the urethral bulb of the prostate gland
Tightening of the woman's muscles assists in male orgasmThe fluid accumulates and the male senses he is about to ejaculate
Muscle contractions in the uterus and pelvic areas open the way for the man’s spermUrinary bladder closes to block the possibility of urine mixing with
semen—urine would kill the helpless sperm!
Expulsion phase: Rhythmic contraction expels semen

Orgasm, or 'coming,' is, by nature, extremely pleasurable. The more the human animal indulges this pleasure, the more likely it becomes that the sex act will result in offspring. Kind of takes all the fun out of it, huh? Enter contraception.

4. Stage Four: Resolution

  • A return to normal heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and muscle contraction

  • Swelled and erect body parts return to normal

  • Skin flushing disappears.

  • General sense of security and enhanced intimacy

  • Possible fatigue

You may recognize this stage as afterglow. Women are often capable of returning to stage three rapidly, and enjoying orgasm repeatedly with minimal stimulation for up to an hour! Are you getting the most out of your biological functions? Thank you, come again.

Men, on the other hand, have to wait anywhere from a few minutes to several days to have another orgasm, especially as they age. This is called a refractory period by Masters and Johnson, and though partial or full erection may be sustained, men cannot achieve orgasm during the refractory period. Refractory periods fluctuate greatly among men.

How-To: Multiple Orgasms for Men

God was just about done creating the universe, but he had two extra things left in his bag of creations, so he decided to split them between Adam and Eve. He told the couple that one of the things

He had to give away was the ability to stand up while urinating.

"It's a very handy thing", God told the couple, whom he found under an apple tree. "I was wondering if either one of you wanted it."

Adam jumped up and blurted, "Oh, give that to me! I'd love to be able to do that! It seems the sort of thing a man should do. Oh please, oh please, oh please, let me have it, It'd be so great! When I'm working in the garden or naming the animals, I could just stand there and let it fly. It'd be so cool, I could write my name in the snow. Oh please God, let it be me who you give that gift to, let me stand and pee, oh please...?

On and on he went like an excited little boy who had to pee. Eve just smiled and told God that if Adam really wanted that so badly, then he should have it. It seemed to be the sort of thing that would make him happy and she really wouldn't mind if Adam were the one given this ability. And so Adam was given the ability to control the direction of his misdirection while in a vertical position. And so, he was happy and did celebrate by wetting down the bark on the tree nearest him, laughing with delight all the while. And it was good.

"Fine," God said, looking back into his bag of leftover gifts, "What's left here? Oh, yes. Multiple orgasms?

Many women have enjoyed a wonderful night of passion topped by multiple orgasms. For men, however, it is a rare occurrence. The best that men often get to experience is an orgasm from oral sex then a brief rest and then an orgasm from intercourse. Two orgasms per sexual act. Some men are lucky enough to orgasm and ejaculate, retain their erection and continue to experience another orgasm. Either way men often are unable to experience the muscle clenching and fluttering of orgasm repeatedly.

Some men do find that they enjoy their partner?s orgasms just as much and take great pleasure from giving as many orgasms as possible. Now women are not complaining about this sacrifice men make but when it comes down to the facts it just isn't fair for the men. There are some new methods that say a man can experience more orgasms without ejaculating. They are described in depth in multiple texts.

They say that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, but with some work maybe Jack can have some extra fun while he plays. The following text is a summary of some exercises from a book called The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia and Douglas Arava.

By following these exercises the theory is that a man can experience multiple orgasms. The first section covers the importance of breathing.

  1. Sit on a chair with your back straight and your feet touching the floor about shoulder width apart.

  2. Place your hands over your navel and relax your shoulders.

  3. Inhale though your nose and feel your lower abdomen expand at the navel area so that it bulges outward. Your diaphragm will also descend.

  4. Keeping your chest relaxed, exhale with some force to pull the lower abdomen back in, as if you were pulling your navel back toward your spine. Feel your penis and testicles pull up.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4.

Next you are supposed to learn how to concentrate:

  1. Slowly inhale and exhale. Count each complete inhalation and exhalation as one breath.

  2. Continue breathing from the belly and counting from one to one hundred, thinking only about your breathing.

  3. If you notice that your mind has strayed, start again.

  4. Practice this exercise twice a day until you can count to one hundred with ease.

You must also find your PC muscle; the PC muscle is responsible for the rhythmic contractions during intercourse. The stronger the PC muscle the stronger the orgasm.

  1. When you are about to urinate, stand on your toes and the balls of your feet.

  2. Inhale deeply.

  3. Exhale slowly; forcefully push out the urine while pulling up on your perineum and clenching your teeth.

  4. Inhale and contract your PC muscle to stop the flow of urine midstream.

  5. Exhale and start urinating again.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 three to six times or until you have finished urinating.

Now you must strengthen the muscle:

  1. Inhale and concentrate on your prostate, perineum, and anus.

  2. As you exhale, contract your PC muscle around your prostate and around your anus while at the same time contracting the muscles around your eyes and mouth.

  3. Inhale and relax, releasing your PC, eye, and mouth muscles.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, contracting your muscles as you exhale and releasing them as you inhale, nine to thirty-six times.

Since you have done all the exercising now you should enjoy the results. The book describes the exercise to perform during masturbation.

  1. Start by lubricating your penis. Oil is generally better than lotion, which dries up more quickly.

  2. Pleasure yourself however you like, remembering to massage and stimulate your entire penis, your scrotum, and you perineum, including the Million-Dollar Point (a point on the perineum just forward of the anus). Continue to breathe deeply and regularly, as you learned in exercise 1.

  3. Try to notice your increasing levels of arousal: notice the tingling at the root of your penis, notice the stages of erection, and notice your heartbeat rise.

  4. When you are getting near ejaculation, stop and rest (possibly breathing in deeply and holding the breath for a second or two). Try to notice the contraction of your PC muscle and anus that occurs at contractile-phase orgasm, although don't be surprised if it takes some time to experience this without ejaculating. You can also try to squeeze your PC muscle around your prostate if the prostate starts contracting and you are afraid you might fall over the edge.

  5. After you regain control, you can start again as many times as you like and continue for as long as you like.

Well gentlemen, the only way to perfect this method is to practice, practice and practice. Eventually you will maintain the control necessary to orgasm during intercourse over and yes, over again.

Sex Toys and the Modern Woman

So what is with all of these sex toys? Is it our imagination or are more and more women buying more and more sex toys? If you want to enhance your love life with a great sex toy or two you are in luck, there have never been so many choices as there are today!

The stigmatism with sex toys is disappearing quite quickly. In the recent past not too many women would admit to owning a vibrator let alone using one. Today according to recent surveys vibrators are not just for the sexually liberated, or the sexually frustrated, it seems that the average American woman owns 2.5 sex toys! Where do you fit in?

Today's modern woman has learned that sex toys can not only relieve sexual tensions like nothing else, but they can really ignite a sexual fire when used together with a partner. Many of the sex toys offered today are designed to enhance and add stimulation to both partners. Plus, I can't think of a man out there who would get turned off by the thought of their partner bring a sexual toy into their relationship.

There seems to be a misconception about virtual shops that sell sexual aids, flavored lubricants, and the like: they were built for men. Not true. A woman often feels shy, embarrassed, uncomfortable about entering an online sex shop, as though she has betrayed something in herself or her lover. Butt plugs and cock rings and handcuffs, oh my! It's enough to make a lady blush.

What if your lover thinks you are a lady? Does this inhibit you? If you find yourself clearing your 'history' folder after every visit, for example, because you have been ordering sexual aids from this site, you conveniently happen to pick up the mail first every day, or you stow the Visa bill away like a dirty secret! What to do, you can?t keep this up forever!

Here?s what: Share. Put a shortcut to this site on your desktop, label it For Us! or Yum! or Check it Out! You may be apprehensive, fearing a negative reaction from your lover; it's the lady in you, ignore her!

Only the most insecure man will view vibrators and the like as a replacement for his penis. A secure man will find the idea exciting, erotic, playful. Chances are, he's been wanting to buy toys !forever, he's just not sure how you'll react. He will most likely be delighted to discover that you are a dirty girl, and before long he'll be making suggestions on what you should order next!

Shopping for sex toys together can be a way to bring you closer together in a fun way. It can also be a way for you to learn new things about each other. Never, never recoil from an idea; never put a negative slant on your shopping together. He?s trying to find out what turns you on, what turns him on, and how far you're willing to go together. Let him! Sitting in front of the computer together, looking at sex toys, is also a hell of an aphrodisiac! When your toys do arrive, you'll both be eager to pick up the mail!

So whether you are new to sex toys and thinking about your first purchase or if your a veteran and looking for something newer, bigger and more powerful, dive right in and have fun! Don't be scared to experiment and try something new, you never know just how much you will like it till you try it.

Anorgasmia is the failure for women to reach orgasm

Anorgasmia is the failure for women to reach orgasm. Unfortunately 10% to 40% of women have difficulty reaching that climatic moment during intercourse. This term is used for women who are medically unable to climax and for women who are unable due to other means. The majority of anorgasmia cases are caused by psychological, social, cultural, or relationship variables. Anorgasmia can be treated through sexual therapy but before one goes to a therapist a gynecologist should evaluate them.

Anorgasmia is broken into three categories: primary, secondary, and situational. Primary means that a woman has never been able to reach orgasm. Secondary anorgasmia represents women who at one time were able to reach climax but can no longer. Situational anorgasmia is described as women who can reach orgasm in one situation but not in others. For example, a woman can achieve orgasm in the "doggy" position but can not in any other position or can orgasm through masturbation but can't with penile stimulation.

There have been many proposed causes of anorgasmia, but all seem to be ambiguous or inconclusive. A major factor could be that women grow up being told that touching yourself is bad, dirty, sex is duty, and sex can only be done after marriage and other prohibitions. Because of these discouragements only 35% of women are orgasmic by the age of 18 while the figure for men is closer to 90%. Self-esteem and self-confidence are another factor. If you do not feel comfortable with your body, then you won't feel comfortable with other people seeing or touching your body. Other causes can include an unpleasant experience, rape, incest, painful intercourse, which may be due to vaginal infection, inadequate love play or pleasuring, or related to a deteriorating relationship. Another cause that perhaps most women experience, frustration, the anticipation for it overwhelms the sensations. Perhaps your partner is not hitting the right spot or getting the correct rhythm, this leads to anxiety which can deaden the feeling faster than a phone call.

Anorgasmia is treated as a complex problem caused by many different factors. The first step a therapist goes through is sexual counseling for the couple. Anorgasmia shouldn't be seen as solely the problem of the female - there are variables when a partner is involved. They begin with sex education and are taught the mechanisms of female arousal. They are shown the difference between male and female responses. A suggestion for couples that do not wish to go to therapy is to sit down alone, dim the lights, get comfortable and talk about sex. The discussion should cover what they think is arousing, perhaps any sexual dreams they may have had recently and then move into what they think about sex. Are you comfortable having sex in the day or with the lights on? Are you afraid to make noises because someone could hear you - even if no one is around? The thought is that this communication can open up the inhibitors that reside within the female mind. By talking and discussing this issue with their life-mate and companion it should help ease their fears or the uncomfortable feelings with intimacy.

There are some therapeutic techniques that women and couples are told to perform. Females are told to do Kegel exercises, the clenching of the vaginal muscles. Kegel's get blood flow to the perineum and that could increase sensitivity. Kegel's are also beneficial to squeeze the penis, sometimes by having your partner remain still and squeeze the penis with the muscles can increase sensitivity to bring about orgasm (it is also quite nice for the partner). Women are also told to masturbate, feel themselves and simply enjoy the experience.

Six traits for a great sexual relationship

One: being physically fit.
Having sex requires physical energy. Thus, the sexual activities will be modified, compensating for the person who fatigues easily. Being in shape allows you to not only last longer, but to enjoy what you are doing in the moment because you do not have to worry about all the sore muscles which you are developing. Furthermore, having sex with someone who is in shape is more physically appealing. It is nice to know that the person you are with takes good care of themselves. That is appealing. In addition, when a person is in shape, they are often able to maneuver you into a sexual position. They are able to be on top for longer than two minutes, never mind the sweat that drips all over you. To get into better physical shape, you have several options. You could engage in more sex. If sex is a good work out, then why do more it? You could also get a membership to a gym and start working out. Or you could start going on long walks, or bike ride with friends.

Two: being physically coordinated.
Sex requires coordination. All good sex, whether it be solo sex (ie. masturbation) two-person sex, or group-sex, requires moving to a rhythm. Those without coordination are awkward. Coordination is not something that people naturally have. Coordination can be improved by practice. So get ready to have a lot of sex. Coordination can also be learned by taking dance classes, yoga classes, tai chi classes and even swim classes. They all focus on centering your energy and using multiple body parts at the same time.

Three: having good communication skills.
Good sex requires sharing with your partner your likes and dislikes, and listening to her / his likes or dislikes. Secondly, good sex (at least in the long term) requires feeling connected. Feeling connected assumes that you feel like your partner understands you, and that you understand her / him. Good communication skills assumes good listening skills.

Four: being insecure.
The best lovers tend to be insecure lovers. Insecure lovers have a tendency to by hyper-aware of how their partner is feeling, reacting, thinking. As a result, the partner tends to go the extra mile to make sure that the other person is happy. This makes for good sex. If the partner is not happy, than she/he is not happy. One example of going the extra mile is: After the man orgasms, he will still voluntarily, without being asked go down on a woman (i.e. engage in cunnilingus).

Being willing to take a risk, to experiment, to test ones own personal boundaries.


Six: Practice
Practice makes perfect!

Sexual Positions For Different Types Of People

Sex is like dancing. There are millions of moves, which each person can do. Yet the moves may take more than just a simple 'Yes I can do', they may need corrections which only your partner can do. You see, some of them require a slight twist of the hip or a shake of the arm. There is no right or wrong, just a feel that is good, thus, it is here that you will learn of some basic moves, which you can improve. When you have found what is right, tell us that night, and we too could improve. As a way to start on this dance, I have included some cool moves.

For new couples first starting to have intercourse

Missionary Position (person with a penis or dildo on top) In the missionary position, the person with a penis or dildo is on top and assumes the dominant role. The other person who is on bottom assumes the passive role. (Each person is lying down, stomach-stomach, face-to-face. Most people may be able to remember using this position the first time they had sex or in their early days of sexual experimentation.) It is one of the tried and true methods for intercourse. Unfortunately, this position gets a lot of bad press. It is considered 'gendered and old-fashioned". I believe this is a great position. The person on top has a lot of control over the degree of stimulation that they get and the person on bottom can easily increase their sexual pleasure by masturbating while simultaneously having intercourse. If the partner on top is especially coordinated, she/he could also help masturbate the person on bottom. Some of the techniques used to create an intimate environment are eye-to-eye contact, guiding your partners hip movements with your hands, massaging your partner's neck/back, nibbling the other person's ears, necks or lips. And of course, whispering something that only your partner can understand.

For the creative couple who want a new sensation

A slightly more technically advanced position, than the basic missionary position . . . for the adventuresome couple only. The person on bottom and the person on top switch leg positions. The person on bottom closes their legs (in the missionary position, the legs straddle (the person on top). The person on top straddles the legs of the person on bottom. Visually, at least in my mind, it looks as if the person on top is doing a wide-legged push up. The benefit of this position is simple: for the person on top, additional stimulation to the penis/dildo and for the person on bottom, additional sensations on the inner thighs. Caution: the top position is (for a top that desires) a good physical workout. Expect to sweat.

Ideal for a heavy-set couple

A variation on the missionary position: The passive person sits on the edge of a chair or bed, and the person with a penis or dildo kneels in front of them. The person kneeling then uses his/her or hips to thrust. Neither person is putting weight onto the other person. As the person thrusting is perpendicular, his or her weight is used more efficiently. Sex is exercise and does burn calories. While this position requires a bit more co-ordination than the missionary position, it is often considered less intimate. Face-to-face contact, and whispering become less natural when not facing one another. However, this position does allow for great foreplay. The person with the penis/dildo is in an excellent position to explore their partner's genitals with their eyes, hands or mouth.

For the advanced, bored and/or uninhibited couple

Instead of assuming the missionary position, where the couple is head-to-head and toe-to-toe, one person should reverse their position, so that the two of you will now be head-to-toe and toe-to-head. Again, the difference between this position and the missionary position is that this time, the partners face the opposite direction of each other. Each person has a view of the other person's feet. Make sure your feet smell good!The angle of entry is different and often will require verbal communication. To make this work, the person on bottom will need to arch her/his pelvic area (back flat against the ground) and communication between the two of you will need to be stellar. The angle of entry is very different than what most couples are used to. I strongly suggest that the woman help guide the penis/dildo with her hand into the correct position. This is a great position for couples who want to try something new, and are prepared to make fools of themselves and be comfortable laughing about how hard this position makes lovemaking. P.S. while each of you are now facing each other's clean toes, so why not have a nibble? Some people love a nibble. Sucking toes and massaging the insoles adds an extra stimulation which can be very arousing.

For a woman who wants to have intercourse for the first time

Woman on top is recommended for women who are having sex for the first time because it puts them in control of the situation. The woman is in a position to engulf the penis/dildo at her own rate of comfort. Of course the other person has some control of the situation too because they are constantly talking/sharing feelings throughout this whole experience. In this position, the person on bottom should tilt her or his hips, back flat on the ground. This allows for an angle that often many women enjoy. In this position, the person on top often lies atop with her legs stretched out or bent. Sometimes, she may sit straight up and slide up and down. Many women report that they really like this position because of the added genital stimulation (the vulva rubs up against the person on bottom's pelvic bone). In addition, men (again, if they are coordinated) can stimulate their partner's vulva (and/or breasts and/or other body parts) with their hands or women could masturbate themselves while having intercourse. Many people on bottom find this particularly pleasurable because of the added visual stimulation of seeing her breast. For a woman who appears self-conscious, I recommend telling the woman how much you are enjoying the way she moves, and how good it feels. This may help her relax. As she relaxes, she may start to enjoy herself more. Actually, this tips goes to all people. Positive reinforcement of pleasurable sensations/movements is a good way to encourage your partner to continue whatever she/he is doing.

For the couple who prefers to sit

This position is for those people who enjoy slow motion sex. The angle for intercourse is not conducive to vigorous thrusting. Position the person with the dildo/penis sits cross-legged on the floor. The woman sits on top of him, with her legs straddled around him. They are sitting face-to-face. This creates a perfect opportunity to hug for a few minutes and be intimate. Be careful that you do not fall over! Sitting on top of each other and maintaining stability is a formidable task for most people. Some people prefer facing the same direction. This is preferable for those who feel less coordinated or embarrassed. You do not have to face the other person. But hey, if you can not laugh about sex with your partner, are you ready to be doing what you are doing with them? Sex is funny. Great chairs include rocking chairs, kitchen table chairs and, of course, the chair in the office. Sex on a chair makes for a good study-break.

For the coordinated couple in a rush

A true quickie, for the super coordinated couple, try standing and having sex. In the ideal world, both people would be of similar heights, or one person could be strong enough to lift the other person to reach the right level. Women need to tilt their pelvic, so that the vagina is forward, and easier to access. The person with a penis/or dildo either need to squat a bit or have the woman be on a small stool. However, if the woman is taller, then her partner may need to stand on the small stool. This type of intercourse seems to work well on staircases in an office building, down a dark alley, in the middle of a graveyard and other such forbidden places. I highly recommend at least person wearing a skirt or some other such clothing, which will allow for easy access.

For the uncoordinated couple in a rush

The woman puts her hands on a chair, desk, couch or wall, leans forward, butt into the air. The person with a penis/dildo penetrates her from behind. The woman will need to tilt her pelvic region to easy the entry of the dildo/penis into her vagina. The person from behind can controls the frequency of the thrusting. To help steady him, he/she can hold onto her butt/hips and thrust. Often couples enjoy hard trusting. This position is much easier to achieve than the standard face-to-face position. This position is great because in addition to intercourse, it allows the person from behind to massage the woman's breasts, give big hugs and even manually stimulate her vagina with his/her hands. This position can also work well in a stairwell, in an office setting or in a graveyard. It is easy to use this position to have a 'quickie'.

For the pregnant woman

This position, side-by-side is recommended for the person who is pregnant, or the couple who is sick of fighting about whose turn it is to go on top or bottom. In this position, the couple spoons together. This position can be very intimate. Many people report that it is natural feeling to hug the other person and feel protected. In fact, some people find this position so relaxing that after intercourse, they fall asleep in this position. Ok, but how does this position actually work? Generally, the person with a dildo/penis is in back, but it could be done the other way around. When the woman is in front, to make her vagina easily accessible for penetration should tilt her pelvis back and stomach forward. The person from behind slides his penis/dildo in from behind. This, position is like the doggie-styled position, except that both people are lying down.

Now that you know some cool moves, remember the key to sucess is communication coupled with a bit of varation. Sex like dancing if always done the same way can get boring If you normally prefer to have sex in the morning, try having sex at night. If you normally have sex on the bottom, try standing up. If you like to have sex in bed, go hot tubbing and have sex in the hot tub. Change whatever you are doing. Catch your partner by surprise. The most boring thing in the world is if you can predict what your partner will do. If you find yourself never initiating sex, initiate it 4 times in one day. If you find yourself always-instigating sex, then stop for two weeks and see how your partner reacts to changing her role.

For that matter, if you always begin being sexually intimate by kissing first, play with her/his toes first. If you normally start touching the genital area, start by giving a backrub, which will turn into a front rub. Change is the most critical part here. Anything different is an improvement.

For example: *Blindfold and tie one person's hand together. Then ask the person without use of their hands or eyes to explore your body. *Use foods, such as strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate or honey and spread them out over each other's body. *Create a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom (candles, music, and bubbles) and take a long luxurious bath. Wash each other from head to toe. After both of you are thoroughly relaxed and cleansed, start touching each other with your lips. Begin by sucking on each other's right toes and work you way all the way up to the left tip of their right finger.