Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Elements of Erotic Massage

Any kind of massage can be a beautiful and relaxing experience. But, an erotic massage is meant to arouse sexual feelings in the body. It will also enhance your relationship with your partner in ways you would never believe. For one, erotic massage increases your sense of trust in your partner. Also, an erotic massage, if done correctly will increase your physical and psychological fulfillment, that is each party will go away feeling loved and fulfilled.

The key to erotic massage is not, as you might think, a detailed massaging of the genitals. Although the genitals play a significant part in this massage, what you are looking for is arousing sexual desires in the entire body. This is a slow deliberate process, but will be mutually satisfying in the end.

Step 1:
The first step would be to make sure you and your partner are relaxed, now, this can be either by a soak in the Hot Tub, a quick regular massage, or a soothing bath. Either way, if you are relaxed in the first place, this works much better.

Step 2:
The next step is to do feather-light stroking all over the body. This works well if you take turns. You do your partner's back; they do your back, etc. These feather-light strokes are done as follows:

Move your hands so that your fingertips are barely brushing against your partner's skin. Touch them very gently, just at the edge of the hairs. Work up and down the entire length of the body. Sometimes go slowly, sometimes a little faster. Sometimes in straight lines, sometimes in circles or spirals.

You may want to try using just the tip of one finger of one hand to do these light strokes. Although it will look like you are using your whole hand, just touching your partner with one finger will give them a whole different sensation.

Start these light strokes on your partner's back, gently rubbing up and down on either side of the spine. Go all the way down to the buttocks, and gently run your hands around each cheek. Then move on down to the back of the knee on one leg and gently move your hands around in small circles. Then move down to the ankle, glide your hand over the ankle and around the sole of the foot. Next, keeping your hand touching your partner, move over to the other leg and gently glide you hands up to the knee on that leg. Continue on up to the buttock again and up to the back of the neck. Gently, glide your hands around your partner's neck and behind the ears. Use both hands one on either side, and trace small circles around under their hair.

Have your partner turn over now. Trace the outline of their face with your finger; go around their eyes and across their cheeks, then across their forehead. Using the light strokes trace around your partner's mouth and down their chin.

Continue these light strokes up and down your partner's body clear to the feet, avoiding the genitals at this moment. Be sure to gently massage the inside of your partner's thighs, one at a time.

Step 3:
Now that you have your bodies sensitized, which is exactly what the light stroking does, you are ready to proceed to the next step, which is the massaging of the genitals and breasts.

Begin with the breasts, this applies to both men and women. Don't neglect the breasts on a man.

Place the tips of both thumbs next to and on opposite sides of one nipple, bring your thumbs outward from the nipple, slowly and with gentle pressure. Then bring your thumbs back to the nipple and start over again. Continue making these outward-radiating lines on your partner's chest like the spokes of a wheel, until you have covered the entire breast, then do the same thing on the other breast.

Next using the heel of your hand gently rub around the breast in circular motions. Don't touch the nipples at this time. Gently massage around the chest and then switch back to the gentle feather-light strokes. Do this around the breasts and then up to your partners neck and throat. Continue these light strokes down your partner's torso, to their feet.

At the feet, run your fingers in and out between each pair of toes and around the sole of the foot. Then gently stroke up the thigh and, deliberately avoiding the genitals, stroke down the other thigh.

Step 4:
The last step is to stimulate the genitals, even more than they are already. Using the heel of the hand, start at the perineum (the spot about the size of a coin between the rectum and the genitals) and rock your hand back and forth, gently. Edge your way toward the genitals and gently rub the base of the penis (on a man) or the outside of the vagina (on a woman) with the heel of your hand.

Then, on a man take your other hand and gently rub his penis. Beginning at the base, rub both hands in opposite directions, as if you are rubbing them to make them warm, but with his penis in the middle. Do this all the way to the top and back down. Do it gently.

On a woman, continue rocking your hand back and forth at the edge of her vagina. Then take one finger and trace an outline around her vagina, gently down the side of her leg, and back up edging closer and closer to the vaginal lips. Then from the top of the vagina, take both fingers and move straight down, between the inner and outer vaginal lips. Spread your fingers slightly apart, one to the left and one to the right, as you move slowly down to the perineum and back up again.

Step 5:
You may continue from here any way that you wish.

Don't be afraid to use something other than your hands, such as feathers, fur mittens, your mouth, or anything else you can think of. Experiment and have fun.
I guarantee the more you explore your partner's body and their response to your touches, the more your relationship will be enriched. It is another way to get to know one another and getting to know someone is always a good thing.

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