Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How To Choose Right Lubricant?

There are so many lubricants on the market today that it is really hard to understand what they do and why there are so many. It is safe to divide them into categories of use.

Lubricants for vaginal intercourse.

You may be surprised to imagine that lubricants are even need for vaginal intercourse since the vagina creates its own lubrication. However, many women feel uncomfortable during intercourse and even have painful intercourse because of their lack of sufficient natural lubrication. Prolonged intercourse can benefit from a squirt or two of a nice lubricant.

A water based lubricant is often preferred for vaginal intercourse, especially if combined with oral sex. Water based lubricants are just that, they are made of mostly water, resembling a thin syrup that feels slick to the touch. Wet and ID lubes are highly recommended lubes for parties interested in long lasting non-sticky water based lubes.

Men can experience an increase in pleasurable sensations by applying a small amount of lubricant to the inside of the condom. The increase in sensations can be quite dramatic and pleasurable.

Lubricants for massage.

The art of massage can be enhanced with the addition of a nice oil-based massage oil. The feeling of contact and deep pressure is increased dramatically with the use of an oil. Most massage oils will warm to the skin after some contact, however, all massage oils will benefit from a quick trip to the microwave. Just be sure to test the oil in your hands before applying it directly to your subjects skin!

Lubricants for masturbation.

This applies more to men than women. Men will always want to apply a lubricant to the penis during masturbation to increase the pleasure and reduce the friction to a nice pleasing sensation. Women too can benefit from a good lubricant during masturbation. The sensations are always increase by use of a quality lubricant. The choices here are endless, you really need to experiment until you find something that works for you. Some brands last longer and remain in a certain state of slickness longer than others. Your personal techniques may have quite a bit to do with what lubricants work best for you.

Lubricants for anal sex.

The one are of sexual conduct that absolutely requires a quality lubricant is anal sex. The rectum does not produce any lubrication on its own and can be temporarily, and painfully damaged without proper lubrication. Apply a liberal amount of lubricant, use more than you think you need to increase the chances of a pleasurable experience. When it comes to anal sex, there is never too much lube. In the past oil-based lubricants were the only way to go. However, times have changed, water based lubricants have been introduced that now have the lasting power and won't break down during anal sex. A specially created anal lubricant is even more preferable for anal sex.

Lubricants used with sex toys.

You may find that modern sex toys created from today's space age materials require a lubricant. They tend to absorb natural lubricants and dry you out. The extra lube will also help increase the stimulation and make from a more pleasurable experience. The thing to remember with sex toys, is that if it is made from latex, only use a water based lubricant. Petroleum, or oil based lubricants react badly with latex and start deteriorating from then on, causing cracking and peeling of the latex surface. When in doubt what the sex toy is made from use only water based lubricants and you can't go wrong.

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