Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kissing Techniques of the Ananga-Ranga

Around 1172 AD, an Indian love manual similar to the Kama Sutra was written for couples interested in keeping their mates faithful. The Ananga-Ranga is a collection of erotic works aimed at preventing the separation of man and wife. It claims that husbands and wives stray from each other because they are in need of sexual variation and excitement. The book was translated into English in the late 1800s, but was not made extensively available to the public until the 1960s because it was considered too racy.

The Ananga-Ranga's teachings are taken in part from the Kama Sutra and the lovemaking techniques in both are quite similar. Followers of Tantra utilize the teachings of both ancient manuals in their sexual activities, including mouth-to-mouth kissing.

Listed are most of the kissing techniques of the Ananga-Ranga. The description of each technique includes an adaptation from the Ananga-Ranga as well as a more modern definition. The name of each technique is taken directly from the translated Ananga-Ranga.

Reconciling Kissing

"When our lover is angry, we, forcibly, fix our lips upon our beloved's and continue with both mouths united until the ill-temper ceases."

This is a type of kiss-and-make-up kiss. It's the kind of kiss we love to see in the movies when the leading man grabs his fuming lover and plants his lips passionately on hers. All of a sudden, she can't remember what she was angry about.


"Here we bring our mouth to our lover's who then kisses our lower lip whilst we draw away in a jerking manner without any return of a kiss."

The kiss of the tease. Make your lover think you are going to kiss him, give him a slight chance to kiss you and then don't allow any kissing to continue.

Neck-Nape Kissing

"After covering and closing our lover's eyes with our hands, and closing our own eyes, we thrust our tongue into our lover's mouth and move it to and fro with a motion so pleasant and slow that it at once suggests another form of enjoyment."

Who knows why this is called Neck-Nape Kissing, but it sure sounds like fun. Maybe it should be called Blind French Kissing instead. First, you cover your lover's eyes with your hands. Then, you close your own eyes. And, then, if you can find your lover's mouth, you thrust your tongue into it and move it around in the most sensual manner possible until all she can think about is making love.

Oblique Kissing

"Standing beside or behind our lover, we lift our lover's chin toward the sky; then we take our beloved's lower lip between our teeth, gently biting and chewing."

Use this kiss to sneak up on your lover and really turn him on. When he least expects it, lift his chin so his face is toward you and gently bite his lower lip.

Upper-Lip Kissing

"While we gently bite and chew our lover's lower lip, our partner reciprocates on our upper lip to the heights of passion."

The translation is pretty self-explanatory, but, basically, you gently bite your lover's bottom lip while she gently bites your upper lip.


"We hold our lover's lips with our fingers, pass our tongue over them and bite them."

Not the most appealing name for a kiss, but the kiss itself seems quite sensual. Pass a couple of your fingers over your lover's lips as if to say, "hush," then lick his lips gently and, finally, give his lips a little nibble.


"While advancing our lips toward one another, hesitating, and frolicking, we finally kiss."

Another teasing kiss, but on both sides. Many first kisses seem to happen this way. You sort of stare at each other's lips, wanting nothing more than to kiss but, for some reason, you hesitate until, finally, neither of you can resist any longer.

Awakening Kiss

"When upon finding our lover sleeping, we fix our lips upon our lover's, gradually increasing the pressure until sleep becomes desire."

What a way to be woken up! You kiss your sleeping lover gently at first and keep pressing harder and harder on her lips until she wakes up and demands to make love.

Although the Ananga-Ranga kissing techniques are used by followers of Tantra and the Kama Sutra, they can be enjoyable for anyone who wants to broaden their kissing horizons. You may find that they help you reignite the flame in your marriage, as was their original purpose over 800 years ago.

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