Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kissing Techniques of the Kama Sutra

The practices of Tantra include many aspects of the ancient love manual the Kama Sutra. In addition to the sexual exercises and positions in the Kama Sutra, the manual also mentions more subtle forms of sensuality, such as an extensive list of mouth-to-mouth kissing techniques. These may be practiced by avid followers of Tantra or by those who simply wish to experiment with new forms of intimacy.

These are most of the kissing techniques listed in the Kama Sutra. The description of each technique includes an adaptation from the Kama Sutra as well as a more modern definition. The name of each technique is taken directly from the translated Kama Sutra.

Throbbing Kiss

"When our lower lip moves our lover's lower lip but not the upper."

Basically, when we concentrate on kissing someone's lower lip, ignoring the upper lip. It is almost a teasing technique that leaves the receiver wanting more.

Touching Kiss

"When our tongue touches our lover's lip and, closing our eyes, our hands touch our beloved's."

When the partners' mouths first touch each other, the giver gently brushes her tongue against one of the receiver's lips while she grasps the receiver's hands with hers.

Turned Kiss

"When we hold our beloved's hand and chin and turn the face upward to kiss."

The kind of kiss we all love to see in the movies. The giver grabs the hand of his lover while he gently touches his free hand to his lover's chin to turn her face toward his for a kiss. Highly recommended for a man to use on a woman, as women tend to be partial to this technique's combination of forcefulness and sensitivity.

Pressed Kiss

"When we press our lover's lower lip with much force."

Hard and passionate kisses are enjoyable, but the teasing aspect of only concentrating on the lower lip makes for added excitement.

Greatly Pressed Kiss

"When we take hold of our lover's lip with two fingers, and then after touching it with our tongue, we press the lip with great force using our lips."

Expect your partner to go crazy when you caress one of his lips with your fingers first and then, as you brush his lip with your tongue, you thrust your lips against his passionately.

Kiss of the Upper Lip

"When we kiss our lover's upper lip while our partner in return kisses our lower lip."

A very intimate kiss that involves one partner kissing his lover's upper lip as she in turn kisses his bottom lip.

A Clasping Kiss

"When we take both of our lover's lips between our own."

When one partner takes control and envelops both of her lover's lips with her own lips. Very sensual.

Fighting of the Tongue

"When during a Clasping Kiss our beloved's tongue touches our teeth, tongue, and the palate."

When one partner takes both of her lover's lips between her own and he in turn forcibly thrusts his tongue into his lover's mouth. It is almost a battle over control of each other's mouths.

Kiss that Kindles Love

"When we look at the face of our beloved asleep and kiss the face to show our intention or desire."

After admiring her beauty, one partner kisses his lover's face as she sleeps. She may not be consciously aware of the kiss, but it is believed she will experience it in her dreams.

Kiss that Turns Away

"When we kiss in order to turn our lover's attention away from business, quarreling, or looking at something else."

Another favorite from the movies. One partner forcibly kisses her partner in order to get his attention on her and forget about the world around them, or to turn a passionate disagreement into passionate intimacy.

Kiss that Awakens

"When arriving home late at night, we kiss our beloved who is asleep in order to show our desire."

The "Sleeping Beauty" technique. The kind of kiss that wakes up even the soundest sleeper and most likely leads to further action.

As mentioned, it is not necessary to be deeply involved in Tantra to practice the kissing techniques of the Kama Sutra. Anyone who wants to experience more passion and excitement while kissing will most likely find that these techniques deliver just that.

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