Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sex in Public: Excitement of Possibility Being Caught

Ever took leave of your senses and dare to gratify yourself to the extreme? Despite all that men has been known for their sexual enthusiasm, women are creatures of the wild too. The trouble with most ordinary women is that they define themselves by societies imposition of them. It is the recommendation of this article for you to be like men and make sexual pleasure your own private tool. Sex is very much like food. No matter if it is a gourmet meal or bread and butter, food always taste best when you are hungry. Prolonged sexual anticipation in an aroused state heightens the pleasure exponentially. Lets face it, most man treat women like sexual equivalents of fast food service. Who else care more about your own primal needs more than yourself?

Throw caution in the air. Don't wear panties. Carry a vibrator in your purse. Horny isn't a state you fall into, its a place you choose to go. Sexual freedom is when you release yourself from your imposed preconceived notions of women politeness and submission. Use your imagination. You only live once. Make an adventure of it. Do it in public. Masturbation in unconventional places can be a real stress reliever. In the lounge or the kitchen, at work or at home, in the car or in a public transport. The excitement of being caught or even the possibility of somebody watching is a very stimulating sensation if you just let yourself go. Insertion isn't always the key. Play to your moods. Sometimes, all you need is a little rub and touch. Postpone the climax. There is no hurry. Tweak the clitoris or squeeze your nipples, yet always ensure you allow yourself to be completely comfortable before commencing. A good way is to insert those oriental pleasure balls into your vagina 1-2 hrs before coming home/hotel for a full-blown intercourse. You could do this in a public toilet or better yet, from under your desk. Try not to be greedy, there's always room for more next time. If it gets a uncomfortable, try staying still for a while and allow for your muscles to relax. And if that doesn't work, discontinue the exercise. Try wearing menstrual pads to absorb any 'leakages' which would hopefully, ensue. This is an opportune method to relieve stress and possibly live out those silent fantasies for that gorgeous stranger staring at you in the train on your way home from a long day at work. Depending on the position you are in, try to stimulate as much rubbing contact as possible between your vagina walls and its invaders without appearing too conspicuous. Most importantly, try to enjoy the moment.

If done properly, the overbearing secret of being simulated in a public arena without total exposure would dramatically improve your sexual gratifications. This probably sounds mediocrity bland on paper, but believe me, when you actually let yourself make it happen, its a whole different world out there.

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