Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sex Toys and the Modern Woman

So what is with all of these sex toys? Is it our imagination or are more and more women buying more and more sex toys? If you want to enhance your love life with a great sex toy or two you are in luck, there have never been so many choices as there are today!

The stigmatism with sex toys is disappearing quite quickly. In the recent past not too many women would admit to owning a vibrator let alone using one. Today according to recent surveys vibrators are not just for the sexually liberated, or the sexually frustrated, it seems that the average American woman owns 2.5 sex toys! Where do you fit in?

Today's modern woman has learned that sex toys can not only relieve sexual tensions like nothing else, but they can really ignite a sexual fire when used together with a partner. Many of the sex toys offered today are designed to enhance and add stimulation to both partners. Plus, I can't think of a man out there who would get turned off by the thought of their partner bring a sexual toy into their relationship.

There seems to be a misconception about virtual shops that sell sexual aids, flavored lubricants, and the like: they were built for men. Not true. A woman often feels shy, embarrassed, uncomfortable about entering an online sex shop, as though she has betrayed something in herself or her lover. Butt plugs and cock rings and handcuffs, oh my! It's enough to make a lady blush.

What if your lover thinks you are a lady? Does this inhibit you? If you find yourself clearing your 'history' folder after every visit, for example, because you have been ordering sexual aids from this site, you conveniently happen to pick up the mail first every day, or you stow the Visa bill away like a dirty secret! What to do, you can?t keep this up forever!

Here?s what: Share. Put a shortcut to this site on your desktop, label it For Us! or Yum! or Check it Out! You may be apprehensive, fearing a negative reaction from your lover; it's the lady in you, ignore her!

Only the most insecure man will view vibrators and the like as a replacement for his penis. A secure man will find the idea exciting, erotic, playful. Chances are, he's been wanting to buy toys !forever, he's just not sure how you'll react. He will most likely be delighted to discover that you are a dirty girl, and before long he'll be making suggestions on what you should order next!

Shopping for sex toys together can be a way to bring you closer together in a fun way. It can also be a way for you to learn new things about each other. Never, never recoil from an idea; never put a negative slant on your shopping together. He?s trying to find out what turns you on, what turns him on, and how far you're willing to go together. Let him! Sitting in front of the computer together, looking at sex toys, is also a hell of an aphrodisiac! When your toys do arrive, you'll both be eager to pick up the mail!

So whether you are new to sex toys and thinking about your first purchase or if your a veteran and looking for something newer, bigger and more powerful, dive right in and have fun! Don't be scared to experiment and try something new, you never know just how much you will like it till you try it.

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