Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sexual Positions of the Ananga-Ranga

Around 1172 AD, an Indian love manual similar to the Kama Sutra was written for couples interested in keeping their mates faithful. The Ananga-Ranga is a collection of erotic works aimed at preventing the separation of man and wife. It claims that husbands and wives stray from each other because they are in need of sexual variation and excitement. The book was translated into English in the late 1800s, but was not made extensively available to the public until the 1960s because it was considered too racy.

The Ananga-Ranga's teachings are taken in part from the Kama Sutra and the lovemaking techniques in both are quite similar. Followers of Tantra utilize the teachings of both ancient manuals in their sexual activities, including some sexual positions.

Listed are some of the sexual positions described in the Ananga-Ranga. Since the manual was written for husbands and wives, all of the positions are for a man making love with a woman.

Winged Eros

The man sits with his arms locked at his sides and his legs lying flat and straight out in front of him. The woman sits on top of the man, inserts his penis into her and lifts her legs as she straddles them on either side of his head. She clasps her hands around his neck for support and reclines back until she is comfortable. She then rocks her pelvis back and forth.

Level Feet Posture

As the woman lies on her back, the man lifts her body and straddles her legs over his shoulders. The woman allows the man to do what he will with her body. He takes control in this position, so it may be appealing for women who like to be submissive.

The Refined Sexual Position

The woman lies on her back and straddles her legs on either side of the man's waist as he kneels. He enters her as he lifts her buttocks. He may choose to knead her buttocks or stimulate her anus while he is lifting her.

Kama's Wheel

The man sits upright with his legs straight out and unbent in front of him. The woman sits on top of him with her legs straddled on either side of the man's waist. They are in a sort of spider position. The man clasps the woman's upper arms with his hands as the woman reaches out and clasps the man's upper arms. They then rock back and forth, using each other as support. This position combines sexual stimulation and relaxing meditation to achieve mental balance.

The Crab Embrace

The man and woman lie on their sides, facing each other. As the man enters the woman, she places her outside leg over his outside leg (the outside leg is the one that is not lying flat). He, in turn, places his outside leg between the woman's legs.

The Transverse Lute

The man and woman lie on their sides, facing each other. Both stretch their legs out with knees unbent. The woman raises her outside leg slightly to allow the man to enter. The man then raises his outside leg and rests in on the thigh of the woman's outside leg. The man may choose to position his head slightly higher than the woman's to allow his penis to rub more directly on the clitoris.

The Snake Trap

The man sits propped up on his arms with his legs straight out in front of him. The woman sits on top of him and facing him with her legs straight out and straddled around the man's waist. She is also propped up on her arms. They both reach behind them and clasp each other's feet. They then rock back and forth. This position tends to only work if the man and woman are approximately the same height, as a big height difference makes it difficult to reach each other's feet.

The Ascending Position

The man lies flat in a submissive position. The woman sits on top of the man and inserts his penis into her. She then crosses her legs as tightly as possible while ensuring that both partners are comfortable. She then moves up and down creating ultimate friction of the man's penis against her clitoris and G-spot.

The Inverted Embrace

The man lies flat in a submissive position. The woman inserts his penis into her and lies on top of him, chest-to-chest. She clasps her hands on his waist for support and moves back and forth.

Although the Ananga-Ranga sexual positions are used by followers of Tantra and the Kama Sutra, they can be performed by anyone who wants to incorporate new positions into their sexual repertoire.

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