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Sexual Positions of the Kama Sutra: A Woman's Best Friend

The ancient love manual, the Kama Sutra, mentions several erotic sexual positions, referred to as Asanas, that enhance a couple?s intimacy while being "woman friendly," making orgasm, possibly even multiple orgasm very possible for her.

These positions are designed to stimulate the woman?s G-spot and the clitoris, give the man heightened excitement with different levels of penetration and allow both partners to focus on each other, thus providing the ultimate in ecstasy and intimacy for everyone, whether or not they are familiar with the art of Tantra.

Clasping Positions

These positions do not focus on embracing, as the name may suggest. The word "clasping" actually refers to the woman using her vaginal Kegel muscles and thighs to capture the man?s penis inside her vagina and hold it there as she squeezes it.

Clasping can be performed using several different positions. In all positions, both the man and the woman keep their legs straight, rigid and held together as tightly as possible:

  • The woman lying on her back with the man on top, facing her

  • The man lying on his back with the woman on top, facing him

  • The woman lying on her stomach with the man on top, facing the back of her head

  • The woman and man lying on their sides, facing each other

  • The woman and man lying on their sides, facing away from each other, as in spooning

These positions are great for couples in which the man has a rather large penis and the woman has an average or small vagina. On the other hand, if the man has a somewhat small penis and the woman has a large vagina, these positions can be nearly impossible to accomplish.

Although it is an advantage for the man?s penis to be large, clasping is very difficult to perform if the man?s body is much larger than the woman?s. It is also advisable that the woman not allow the man to thrust hard or deeply in these positions. Deep penetration is dangerous when the legs are straight and rigged.

The shallow penetration positions the penis so that it makes contact with the woman?s G-spot and clitoris.

Svanaka, Meaning the Dog

The Kama Sutra describes the Svanaka position as follows:

"If you mount her like a dog, gripping her waist, and she twists around to gaze into her face, experts in the art of love say it is Svanaka (the Dog)."

In other words, it is the Tantric version of doggy-style. The man enters the woman from the rear while she either gets down on her hands and knees or gets on her knees and reaches up to hold something, such as the headboard of the bed.

Although the name of this position may not seem very appealing, it definitely has its perks. First of all, the woman will probably find that her G-spot is easily stimulated when she is entered from the back. She can vary the amount of stimulation to her G-spot by changing her position, as noted above. Second, for even more pleasure, the woman can easily stimulate her own clitoris. And third, the man can receive more pleasure because the woman can stimulate his scrotum by reaching back and cupping it in her hands. The woman should look back at her partner and make eye contact as much as possible to achieve a deeper intimacy, which is sometimes lost in rear entry positions. An even better approach is to place a mirror on the wall behind the bed so both partners can see each other?s faces.

The Wheelbarrow

This position is going to sound complicated, but it really isn?t. It is basically a modified rear entry position, with the modifications bringing new excitement and pleasure to the sexual experience.

For those women with a good deal of flexibility, the position is as follows:

The woman stands with her back to her partner. She then slowly bends at the waist and rests her head and folded arms on a couple of pillows on the floor, keeping her feet planted on the ground. The man then bends his knees slightly and enters the woman from the rear.

The modification for those women who are not so flexible entails the woman standing in front of a bed and bending at the waist, resting her head and folded arms on the bed. This way she doesn?t have to reach all the way down to the floor.

Now for the fun part. The man grabs one or both of the woman?s legs at either the ankles or the thighs to simulate holding a wheelbarrow. From this position, the man can thrust freely and deeply and can make his penis come in contact with his partner?s G-spot.

If the woman is slightly too heavy for the man to hold her by both legs, it is advisable that he only hold one of her legs to make it more comfortable for both partners.

The Soaring Butterfly

Everyone is familiar with the traditional woman-on-top position, but the soaring butterfly offers some modifications that make it more pleasurable for both the man and the woman.

The woman straddles the man and mounts him, but, instead of the man keeping his legs straight out, he allows them to fall open, slightly bending at the knees. This tiny modification makes a big difference in that it allows the woman to better stimulate her G-spot. By positioning her pelvis more toward the man?s feet and using a shallow thrust, she can make the penis rub directly on her G-spot and even her clitoris.

Splitting a Bamboo

"When the woman places one of her legs on her lover?s shoulder, and stretches the other out, and then places the latter on his shoulder, and stretches the other out, it is called the splitting of a bamboo."

The word "ouch" may come to mind after reading that description from the Kama Sutra, but pain is probably the last thing you will experience in this position.

It is a position that requires some flexibility, but, if you have what it takes, it can be a very simple and enjoyable position.

While the woman lies down, propping her head and upper back on pillows, the man squats next to her. He then takes hold of the woman?s leg that is closest to him and raises it straight up, either holding it with one hand or resting it on his shoulder. Her other leg rests flat on the ground or bed, slightly bent, leaving the vagina wide open and fully exposed. The man then tilts his pelvis toward the woman to enter her. He places his other hand on her resting leg for support. After being in this position for a while, the man switches to the woman?s other side and raises her other leg to his shoulder, repeating the sequence.

This position provides direct stimulation of the G-spot by the penis and allows the woman to grind and rotate her hips to guide the penis to the correct spot.

You don?t need to be familiar with the Kama Sutra or with Tantric lovemaking to take advantage of these "woman friendly" positions, but the pleasure you experience when you practice them can by heightened by utilizing the breathing and relaxation techniques of Tantra.

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