Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Talk Back: The Most Exciting Place You've Had Sex

The wildest place I ever had sex was on top of our local mall on one of the sky lights with my boyfriend who was a security guard at the time. It was during business hours. We never got caught and it was a rush because any customer in the mall that looked up in the air could have seen us up there making love.

Sarah C.
Macon, Georgia

I had sex on top of a dryer in in the men's barrack on a marine base in North Carolina. We walked downstairs to work on the laundry and started working on each other instead. It was terrific sex, except that we had to cut it short because we heard someone coming down the hallway, we had to hide behind one of the banks of washers until they left. Of course while we were crouched down waiting, my lover made me quietly finish him off with some head.

Germantown, MA

During a birthday party for my husband at our home. I was out in the back yard when my husband's best friend started to come on to me. It really turned me on. As it got later people went back into the house. My husband's friend and I stayed out in the backyard talking. He put his hand on my leg and slowly slid it up my thigh. He slid his hand into my shorts. I got so hot I couldn't think straight. Next thing I know we are on the ground under the picnic table. When he slid his large penis into me I thought I was going to explode. I swear it was the best sex I ever had. Every time I see him I feel like ripping his clothes off. I only hope to get the chance again.

Buffalo, NY

One weekend we were partying at our camper at the Nascar race. We wanted to be kinky so me and my husband goes behind the camper. I started to suck on his hard cock. We took off our clothes. I was touching my toes and he puts his hard cock in my pussy. While we were going at it his friend Guy, comes up to see what we was doing. We were too far into it so we just kept going. Guy sat back and watched. If was so exciting to have him to watch us make love. I would love to do it again , maybe next time he will join us.

Dawn R.
Lewisburg, TN

My boyfriend and I were returning from a wild night of partying, we were so horny we could not even make it to the front door. I wound up leaning against his apartment door as he hiked up my skirt and pounded me from behind right there in the hallway. The fear of someone walking out or in only added to the excitement and arousal. It was dirty, sexy, and fun!

Celeste C.
New Orleans, LA

I was in high school, about five years ago, it was my senior year. My boy friend loved to take me into one of the boy's bathrooms in a quiet part of the school and he would bend me over the sink and fuck the hell out of my then virgin pussy while fingering by ass hole. I remember he loved to pull out his fat cock just before he came and make me jack him off so he could shoot onto the mirror. We would both giggle and laugh thinking about the janitor cleaning that off!


A few years ago I was having an affair with a cop. We had sex in the police station, in his police car, in the courthouse, and the best was at the firing range. Once we got caught by the Mayor. He said hello and walked right back out to let us finish what we had started. The orgasms that both of us had were incredible. Granted he waited for us outside but we still had a blast.

Jackie M.
Peekskill, NY

We went to a small park and while a guy sat on the bank of the pond fishing we had sex (I was on his lap, buck naked)in the back seat of my car. By the time we were through the windows were so steamed up you couldn't see out of them. After we were through, we wiped a spot off on the windshield and that guy was still sitting there even though my car had to be doing some serious shaking.

Gina F.
Grand Blanc, MI

My husband and I had our house up for sale. One day, we got a little crazy and had sex on the back porch when the agent appeared to show the house! We totally forgot that he was coming and when they knocked on the door and we did not answer, he decided to walk around to the back of the house to find us there, naked, and going wild. After that, we only had enough guts to tell the agent the house was not for sale so that we would not have to face him anymore.

Erin K.
Jacksonville, Alabama

In the men's restroom at a Pizza Hut. The place was pretty crowded and everyone watched us as we both came out at the same time. But what the hell, it was worth it. I remember we both returned to our now cold pizza, and ate pretty fast. We got out of there as fast as we could. It was such a turn-on, my girl friend was still horny so she blew me on the ride home.

Sam P.
Kingsville, MO

The wildest place I had sex was in a porn shop in one of the booths while three guys were waiting outside to use the booth. I know they could hear me and my lover outside the little plywood door but I didn't care, the raunchy movie was playing and we got excited and just went for it right there and then.

Melody M.
Stockton, CA

Here in Lake Charles, LA we have a big long bridge where I jumped on my husbands big dick at the beginning of the bridge and rode up that bridge like I never had before. The bad thing about it is my husband was swerving all over and we didn't notice that a state trooper was behind us. This is about 2:00 am in the morning, lots of drunks out. Anyways, lights went on right in the middle of my orgasm. The trooper pulled us over, and it turned out to be a friend of my husband. He just laughed and let us go. I have a hard time facing him now when he comes over.

Lori R.
Sulphur, LA

My fiance I were going to get tans before our honeymoon so we joined a tanning place. During one of our sessions he told me to leave the door unlocked. He snuck in and fucked me good and long on the tanning bed. We ended up with nasty sun burns on our asses, but it was worth it.

Odessa, TX

I used to live in a small town, one night I was out drinking and met up with this super cute sheriff deputy that I had a crush on. One thing led to another and we ended up in his police car. We drove to a secluded road and made love on the hood with the lights on top flashing. It didn't hurt that he had a great body and new how to use it!

Forest Hills, CA

My husband and I were on a road trip and getting really horny as we drove along. I kept putting my hand in his lap and rubbing his hard dick through his slacks. He couldn't take it any more, and pulled into an old time gas station, grabbing me by the hand, we headed for the bathroom. Once inside my husband bent me over the nasty sink and fucked me from behind like a wild stallion. We both came and ran out, jumping back in our car and taking off before anybody saw us.

Boyce, VA

The wildest and craziest place was with my boss in his office. I was working at Burger King and I had been dating my supervisor for at least a year at this point. He put his hand in between my legs and asked me if I was wet, I replied yes. He asked if I was bold enough to get it then while we were in his office. It was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and the restaurant was packed and a whole new shift of workers had just come in to start. The office is right beside the person that makes the sandwiches and has a window to look inside. Well anyway I closed the door and proceeded to touch his throbbing penis that just could not wait to get inside, I pulled down his zipper while he undressed me with one hand and pushed everything on the desk to the side with the other. He picked me up and placed me on the desk and proceeded to put his throbbing penis inside of me. It was the best sex we both had experienced together. The absolute best part of it is that we now have a 2 year old beautiful daughter as a result of that passionate sex.

Nakita J.
Ft. Pierce, FL

My boyfriend and I were staying in a hotel while visiting some friends in Boston. After going out and getting pretty drunk we decided to go skinny dipping in the pool. It didn't take much to get my boyfriend naked and in the pool. We made hot passionate love in the shallow end, the Jacuzzi and on the diving board! That was the best sex I ever had, probably because of the risk of getting caught by another guest.


The craziest place I had ever had sex was in an airport. I was picking up my boyfriend from a trip he had been on. I noticed an open door to a empty room. Once inside, with the door locked, he then gently pushed me up against the wall and started to kiss me all over. He then lifted up my dress, and tore off my panties, got on his knees and began to eat me like crazy. I was so excited I couldn't stand it anymore, so he pulled me down to the floor and shoved himself inside of me. I had the best orgasm ever. I think it was the thrill of having to rush (quickie) before someone would enter the room that made it so incredibly exciting.

Rose A.
Queens, NY

We were having my boyfriend's Harley serviced and to pass the time we went into the clothing area of the shop. My man picked out some half shirts with the Harley logo on them and had me try them on. I guess he just went wild when he saw me come out, the shirt was really short, and the bottoms of my tan boobs were fully visible. He grabbed me and took me into the dressing room where he devoured my chest. He made me go down on him right there with nothing but a small curtain separating us from the showroom. It was awesome sex, the best I've ever had.

Terri S.
San Antonio, TX

I had crazy, wild, sex on the steps of The MOMA (Museum of Modern Art in New York). We thought people would think we were just kissing and embracing, but with my skirt up and panties pushed to the side and him inside me and us in that corner, I had such a rocking, dripping, sopping wet orgasm, that he had to cover my mouth to muffle my screaming. I still can't believe no one caught us!

Dakeeta, G.
Brooklyn, NY

I once had sex on the hood of a car in a place just outside of town when a police officer came up on the scene and watched the whole thing, never once letting us know that he was there until it was over. We only realized he was there when three wild dogs started growling at us. The cop jumped out of his car and ran the dogs away. He asked us if it was worth almost being attacked and getting arrested. We both replied, "Hell yes, it was the best ever." He smiled and said it looked like it was good to him. He then wished us a good day and left.

Anne S.
Tarboro, NC

When I was in college I had a boyfriend in a fraternity, we always had sex in his room with his room mate supposedly asleep across the room. Once I caught him watching us, pretending to be asleep, but I could tell he was masturbating under his covers. I winked at him and just kept riding my boyfriend. From then on I always got really turned on whenever we did it because I knew he was watching us and pleasuring himself. It was kind of like I was performing for him too.

Ruth, TX

I had sex 41st floor stairwell in the Carew Tower with the Fed Ex man on his lunch break. He had been teasing me for weeks so I decided to let him know how interested I really was. I asked him to lunch at my spot. He ate pussy like a pro the fucked me crazy while I looked down the stairwell 41 stories high. I thought I was going to fall, but the sex was so good I did not care.

Cincinnati, OH

I had been chatting with a guy online for about a month. We met at a mall near where I work. We went out to his car where he started going down on me. I just laid back over the front seat, put my jacket over my head so no one could recognize me, and let him have me for lunch. When I cum, I squirt all over and this was no exception. My dress was wet, his face, neck and shirt was soaked, and I had to go back to the office. When he stopped he got up, came over to the driver side, and we sat and chatted for a few more minutes. He then drove me back to my car, and I went back to work. I snuck into my office where I stayed all afternoon, wondering if anyone knew. I dripped all afternoon with the memory. Would I do it again? Sure thing. I'm a little nervous of where he'll take me next.

Toronto, Ontario

We were at a crowded football game when I went to college, so crowded that I was sitting on by boyfriend's lap. He slid is dick out and pulled my panties down under my skirt and put it inside me. Because the crowed was so tight no one noticed I was getting excited and being thrusted from behind. Everyone thought I was dancing to the music of the band but would never stand up. About 15 minutes went by I began to reach an orgasm. When I reached that climax I stood straight up and my boyfriend had also reached that climax and when I stood up he had come squirting all over the place. He grabbed me to sit down but it was too late. Come was everywhere. It was a mess and we laughed like we were at a comedy club but no one noticed. We saw semen on people's jackets on there backs, pants, shirts. That was some good sex and now we try to have sex in public all the time while no one can notice.

Paterson, NY

We were just recently married, newlyweds. We had been driving a long time, coming back from a trip. I (completely naked) had been giving him a little head while he was driving. Sometimes he would reach over and massage my clitoris or explore my vagina. Well, after quite a few miles, we were so horny we couldn't wait until we got home. He proceeded to pull over to the side of the road in the emergency lane (it really was an emergency) and he began oral sex with me and nibbling on my nipples. We then had sweet, sweet sex. It seemed like it continued forever (don't know how long we were there). I think it was the best sex we ever had during our 5 year marriage. I look back on that and I think it was because we knew we were having sex on the side of the interstate with all the cars passing by and no one ever knew. It was the best turn-on I think I had ever had.

Cindy C.
Barnesville, GA

One of the best places I had sex was on the beach, my boyfriend liked watching the girls in their bathing suits. So we got a little busy under the boardwalk. I started stroking him until he was very nice and hard then he mounted me and we went to town pumping away. Two girls started watching and it just got him more aroused. Finally they started folding up their blankets and collecting their things, and we were trying to reach orgasms before they would come by us. It was great. We both came and left before the girls got to us.

Millie M.
Blakeslee, PA

In my car with my husbands best friend in our driveway. We went out to get pizza and ended up having sex right in our driveway. Just as we finished, my husband noticed we were back and came out to meet us. I had just got my panties back on and up as he opened the side door on the van

Debra G.
Wynne, AR

One day me and my husband were going down the road an I undressed in the car and started giving him a blow job. He got so hot that we drove down a private road, got out, and started fucking each other in broad daylight until we both cummed over, and over, and over again. It was awesome.

Shirley R.
Winnsboro, TX

I drive a truck for a living and changing gears all day was making me very hot and horny. I was broke down and waiting for a service truck to come repair my truck. I just couldn't help it I took off my jeans and straddle the gear shift. It vibrates when the truck is in park. Gosh it felt so good, it was very warm from the heat from the engine. I started grinding the gear shift and boy was I cumming good then I heard a knock at my door. It was my boss! I was so embarrassed but it felt so good, he climbed on the side of my truck to see what I was doing. I already had a thing for him anyway so I put down the window it turned him on so much that he wanted to have sex with me. So we did, right there on the Interstate, and it was wonderful, just the best.

Susan A.
Alvaston, GA

I once had sex with a boyfriend in the back of his dad's pickup truck while going down the interstate with his dad driving. There was a topper on the back of the pickup. His dad was pulled over by a highway patrolman for speeding. Thank god he did not look in the back and we didn't get caught. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

Jeanie W.
Cohasset, MN

I was at a wedding being held in the groom's parents' backyard under a tent. There was a fabulous live band and at least two hundred guests. I spent most of the evening dancing with the groom's best friend, a fellow I had known growing up, but hadn't seen in several years. The combination of champagne and alternately fast and slow dancing had gotten both of us into a sweat, and by mutual agreement, we went around the side of the house. In moments we were kissing and fondling one another through our clothes, and he got me so hot so fast that I couldn't think straight. Pinning me to the shingled siding, he pulled my panties off while I unzipped him. He raised my leg and pushed into me and we screwed like crazy people while watching the party just beyond our shadowed spot. It was incredible!

Isabel N.
North Egermont, MA

The wildest and most erotic place I have ever had sex was in Salem, Mass. My partner on a Halloween night decided to have a sexual feast with me, making love on the grave of one of the judges that judged the witch trials. It was incredible and scary and the best sex I have ever had. People were going by and I do believe they knew what we were doing. It even made it more exciting, who knows what the judge thought.

Kelly L.
Methuen, MA

My husband and I were making love on our 3 season porch on an 85 degree evening after a thunderstorm. I decided to move our party outside onto our deck, mind you, we have never met our new neighbors adjacent to us. We soon realized we had company but not before I had leaned over the top rail of our deck and bent over for my husband to enter from behind while letting out a squeal like a coyote. My neighbor asked if we were okay? I said we are fine, thanks for asking.

Jennifer M.
Carver, MA

I was having an affair with a married man who has children my age. We met at work and had a wonderful relationship. I worked 2nd shift and he on 1st. He would come in late at night to see me. Back then, they were remodeling the upstairs offices. The executive board room was the first room done and I thought it would be erotic to have sex on the board room table. And we did just that. The thrill of being caught was the most amazing feeling of all. The sex was great the thrill was greater.

Lori E.

I once had sex in a limo parked in a cemetery late at night. My lover was a mortician and we took the car up to the hill and fucked ourselves silly. When we got finished, we looked out and saw the guard, a friend of my lover, standing outside the limo jacking off.

Aliso Viejo, CA

It happened one day out of the blue at work. Almost on a daily basis, the skinniest guy in the kitchen was always flirting with me. One day I finally took him up on his erotic offers. We went into the storeroom, after some kissing, I put my hand down his pants and what did I feel? The guy was bigger than John Holmes! I couldn't help myself, it turned me on like you wouldn't believe. Here was this skinny kid sporting the largest cock I had ever seen! He was the best lay I've ever had and I still dream about him and his huge penis from time to time.

Syracuse, NY

The wildest place I ever had sex was in a restaurant bathroom. I was upset about a recent break up with my boyfriend and my best female friend came into the bathroom to calm me down. Well, she did that alright. She hugged me and next thing I knew she was playing with my clit and taking off my clothes. She then undressed me and pulled her pants down. There was the biggest rubber cock I ever seen and she was wearing it all for me. A Strap On! She said she was waiting to use this on me. That was my first lesbian experience. She told me she was going to make me forget all about my boyfriend, and did she ever! I couldn't help but scream in pleasure when I orgasmed over and over again. We almost got caught when an older woman came to the door we had forgotten to lock. She got the door closed in her face as quick as she opened it, but we think she still got a good quick view.

Elizabethtown, PA

Once I had sex in the women's bathroom of Super bowl 34 during the halftime show.

Dearborn Heights, MI

We were going on a camping trip to one of the state parks in Arkansas. My lover talked me in to pulling down my shorts while I was driving down the interstate. It was too arousing to handle, he had my pussy so wet and throbbing. I reached over and felt his hard dick, I just had to pull over and put it in my mouth. By the time we got to the state park, we were both so hot that we didn't care who saw us. We parked the car and headed for the closes picnic table where we both exploded.

Pine Bluff, AK

I was having a Christmas party for my employees and decided to go out in the parking lot and get it on with my wife in our truck. We were really into it, being loud and our employees are beginning to leave, a few at a time. The next time I looked up, a group of 6 employees and their spouses had walked over to our Blazer to see if we were broke down and caught us in the middle of the act. we are now asked on a daily basis if were going to leave work early to have sex in the parking lot.

Carlisle, OH

I met this guy at a club, we went out to his convertible, put the top down and began making out in the car. Pretty soon one thing led to another and we ended up moving from the inside of the car to the hood! It was a turn-on to think we could be caught at any time. The next day my mother said you wouldn't believe what I saw last night. I saw that guy that you liked from the club having sex with some slut on the hood of his car last night.

Philadelphia, PA

My boyfriend and I were driving on a trip, I started playing with his penis and he was caressing my breasts, and putting his hand down my pants touching my G-spot. He suggested we get a room, but I told it would be better if we just did whatever came natural. So I found a spot down a dirt road, leading to a farm. He was pretty uncomfortable at first seeing it was noon, but after I took my shirt off and started playing with myself he was all for it. So we moved outside to the hood of the car and got our groove on. With it daylight, the sun hiding behind the clouds and it raining it made for a perfect atmosphere for an orgasm.

Celena A.
Warner Robins, GA

A couple of years ago I was in the hospital for about a week. One day during a visit from my husband, I went into the bathroom and motioned for him to follow me. Hospital bathrooms are pretty small to begin with, and both of us are over 6 feet tall. To make a long story short, I ended up bent over the bathtub with my nightgown over my head. I was nervous that someone would come in, and of course as we were really getting into it oblivious to anything around us, the nurse opened the door to discover what must of been a nice rear shot of my husbands ass and ball bag as his cock slid in and out of my pussy. She closed the door pretty quickly saying, "Excuse me!" It was such a turn-on, I came right then. My man pumped me a little longer and left his wad in my pussy and all over my ass. Now, most of my fantasies involve public places, and eventually I plan to live them out!

Longview, TX

My boyfriend and I are always looking for new things to do with our sex lives. One night we were driving around and I was sucking his big dick and he pulls in front of this house with like 10-20 cars in the drive way. We were having sex and not paying attention to anything else and I guess the party ended. It turns out we were blocking about 4-5 car loads of people. A few of them came up to the window and saw us. They threatened to call the police but we just got out of their as fast as possible!

Carlisle, OH

One night were at a concert during a Straightedge get together. In case you're not familiar with the term, Straightedge is a youth subculture that swears itself off of drugs, alcohol, meat products, and unfortunately, sex. Well, it was kind of bad timing, I'll admit, but the two of us ended up back stage having sex. We rolled through the curtain and out behind the drummer. It was definitely an experience it'll take a while to forget.

A.J. Spencer
Scottsdale, AZ

I once had sex in a jail bathroom. My ex at the time was in jail. We didn't see each other for like 7 months. We were both very horny. He had arranged for a friend to keep watch while we slipped into the visitors bathroom. I pulled my pants down and he entered me from behind. The thought of getting caught totally consumed my thoughts. It was very hot, but I think it was the first time I wanted him to hurry up and cum. He finally came (it seemed like hours) and he pulled up his pants and walked out first. I washed up and pulled up my pants. I was so sure that behind that door would be trouble. I walked out and to my surprise our little secret remained a secret. I made sure I sent out a thank you letter to the friend that looked out for us. This story gets me wet every time I think of it!

Michelle L.

My neighbor and I are attracted to each other. One night in August, I was on the trampoline. He saw me and came over. Things started happening and we had the best sex on the trampoline. just as we were about to finish, his wife came out on their deck and yelled for him. The privacy fence is all that saved us.

Opal W.
Crestwood, KY

When I was 15 my boyfriend was sleeping over. I was on one couch and he was supposed to be sleeping on the other. He was actually under my blankets eating me out. My mom came in to check on us asking me if everything was okay. I said "Yep, sure is!" She went to bed and I had my first orgasm.

Tamara S.
Titus, AL

The craziest place I had sex was in on a scooter. He was sitting on the seat while I was on top of him, driving, with my skirt pulled up. You could say I drove more than just the scooter. We were driving around a park late at night in Chicago. We were seen by a police officer who told us the park was closed and we needed to vacate. I thought for sure we were busted. It made it all that much more fun.

Sheldon, IL

I used to work as an officer. During those long hours of night duty, I used to have sex with my co-worker in one of the cells. One night the chief stopped in and caught us. It was obvious he was aroused, so I invited him to join in. We fucked and sucked the night away.

Chicago, IL

While I was a college student at a university in Texas,my boyfriend and I had sex in an empty classroom. We were in such a hurry that we forgot to turn out the lights. There was a small window in the door, so soon there were groups of people watching us. This just seemed to encourage my boyfriend, until the university academic advisor walked in. I don't have any regrets because it was by far the best sex that I have ever had!!

Jennifer N.

I was vacationing with my family in Mexico. My boyfriend came along, we were really horny so we pretended we were going to go fishing out on the rocks of the jetty. There are boats everywhere but we did not care. We got really low on the rocks and did it out there. The water was splashing up on us and everything. It was not only sneaky and mischievous but it was very romantic. I do not know to this day if anyone saw us, the sun was just starting to go down so it was kind of dark but not completely. It was the most amazing sex I had ever had, we were so sneaky and it was awesome.

San Diego, CA

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