Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Talk Back: Most Romantic Time

I wrote to my husband who was out of town a letter explaining all the sexy things I was going to do to him and when he got in town I followed the letter to a tee which was very exciting because he was in anticipation for a week. He was very pleased, and said it was like foreplay for a week.

San Antonio, TX

One night when I came home from work, there was a rose waiting for me on the counter, and a note from my boyfriend telling me to follow the trail to his heart. On the floor there were rose petals leading all the way to the balcony. There I found my boyfriend and a candle-lit dinner for the two of us. After we had dinner he went over to the radio where after about 5 min. I heard the DJ say that this next song was going out to "Cory's Fiance"... and it was our song!!! It was there that he proposed to me. It was the most romantic night of my life!


My boyfriend took me to the beach, we walked on the Pier, kissing, holding, caressing each other. He then took me down by the ocean, at night. Promptly made Love to me. People were watching us, but the passion and desire took over. I really didn't care, it was the most romantic evening in my entire life. We both are married, but our love for each other was stronger, than the Love we have for our spouses. He truly stole my heart, that night!


My husband took me away for the weekend and we stayed in a room with hot tub, fireplace, etc. Everything was perfect , until the maid came in during sex, in the hot tub. You can imagine what happened after that. ha ha He was very romantic though , (that weekend). and I am ready to go again. Anything risky gets my blood boiling. ooh la la


I have the most erotic moment to share with you. I had been with my girlfriend for 3 1/2 years. I love her more everyday. One day at work I found myself so turned on by a day dream I had to scratch the "Itch". I locked the door and began touching myself through my pantyhose. I really like the feeling. I had a brief but enjoyable orgasm. That let me get back to the work at hand. I stated thinking that Courtney my sweetheart liked the same. This gave me a idea, I knew Courtney had a fantasy about ballerinas. So I started thinking how that I could make her fantasy come true. So I went online and did some shopping a week passes by she didn't have a clue as to what I was up to. The "Outfits" arrived I bought Courtney one. I picked a night that I knew she was going to have a short day, I wrote a note and left it on the counter in plain sight with a cassette player. In the sexiest voice I could muster, I started telling her to strip down going over every inch of her body telling her to caress the vital areas then telling her to draw a hot bath and explore her body "very detailed" I used some very relaxing music as to help pass the time. The tape then flipped over and began telling her to dry off going over her lovely body. I then told her to go to her top drawer there was a surprise for her. I had picked out s purple spandex leotard, black shimmery tights, pointed shoes and a black wrap skirt. I was at work trying to imagine what she was thinking, I became so excited I had a hard time sitting still.

Time passed by slowly, finally it was time to go home. I had brought the other costume to work with me. I made a quick stop in the ladies changed then covered up. I was my heart was pounding I couldn't wait till I got home.

As I got to the door I added the last part to my costume, a ballerina isn't anything without her pointed shoes. I walked in the house. I found Courtney on the floor doing the splits she recovered from her position and hugged me she said she was "VERY" turned on I could tell she had a small damp spot developing so did I. I started undressing when Courtney saw my outfit she was shocked with surprise. We began to go over each others body finding the sensitive and excited parts of our bodies we had the most erotic fun. Feeling a cool hand slipping between my leotard and tights is something I will never forget. The session lasted a good 4-5 hours Courtney did not want to shed her leotard so the four play continued on. Courtney and I have found a new way to explore each other without penetration and still reach a very deep climax. However we do both love our toys. Were always looking for new things to try...


My baby washed, scrubbed, and lotion my feet and then he placed each toe in his mouth and sucked on them very gently. It was very sensual and very sexy.


My boyfriend always gets me really nice expensive gifts for the holidays. So I wanted to get him a Tag watch that he really wanted but I was in college and had no money. I saved up all year and decided that I would be able to afford the watch by Valentines Day. So I bought the watch and wanted to give it to him in a unique way. I figured that I would create a treasure hunt for him in his apartment. I left little notes around for him to find. He finally found the last one and still couldn't find the present in the room. He looked and looked and finally after like 20 min he found it. He was so excited about the watch, I have never seen him light up that quickly. At the same time he was so concerned where I had earned the money for the watch, he offered to take it back. I insisted that he keep the watch, and we spent the next three days in bed.


One year for valentines day, my fiancé ¢ought me a dozen pink doughnuts. I laughed so hard I cried. He made out like that was all I was going to be getting for that year but hidden in the box was a huge heart shaped ruby ring. He took me out to dinner that night. It was so sweet. I fell in love with him all over again.

Dickson, TN

We had gotten a hotel room. it was a beautiful Holliday inn. I went out to pick us up some food and came back a half an hour later. When I walked into the room he had rose petals all over the bed and a little nighty for me. He was wearing boxers with little hearts that said I love you. He walked over to me and took the food, set it on the ground and started to kiss me. He started with my jacket and continued to remove all my clothing. He waked over to the radio on the chair and pressed play, our song started playing and I almost cried. We danced to the song and just like on a movie, he laid me onto the bed and we made the sweetest love ever. It was wonderful and beautiful. We lay there for several more hours talking about how we met and our first few weeks, then we talked about the future and the things we would do. That was the most wonderful Valentines day.

Quincy, IL

We rented a yacht in New Port Beach California, then we had a gondola ride under the sun set, dinner on the shore then a very nice night to remember with candles, sexy nighty and roses...

Moreno valley, CA

I sent my girl a dozen white and red roses with a tiny vibrator in it . On the card there was a nude picture of me with a small message saying I love her and I would see her later. For dinner I had two dozen oysters and wine for waiting. later we had chocolate syrup and whipped cream for dessert on each other . I spread whipped cream from her pussy to her ass and licked it off her. We had three hours of fucking and sucking

Papillion, NE

We had only been seeing each other for a month and Valentines was coming up. Well he had known that I love chocolate covered Strawberries. So he drove to every mall within a hundred miles to find me them, with no success. So he showed up on Valentines with a yellow rose, a sleeping tee shirt with our names in hearts, which I still have, and a card that he had made at one of those make your own card machines, that had chocolate covered strawberries on the cover and the inside said I tried but could not find any so I hope this will do, but later I will cover my little strawberry in chocolate and we can both enjoy.

Copperas Cove, TX

Way back when I was dating this guy. I blindfolded him and we ordered Chinese food and I took him to a college football stadium (at night) and we ate and had mad sex in the middle of the field. It was great!

Providence, RI

The year my husband and I began dating, I was renting my own condo. He had his own key and when he came home one night I had candles lighted everywhere and stood in the foyer waiting for him. He always told me he only wanted "me" for a present, so I bought Tulle (see-through ribbon) and tied a bow around my chest and one around my hips. I let him do the unwrapping! Plus of course we did the other fun edible undies and stuff, but the present was the best. He says it was the best present he ever got! :)

Keyport, NJ

It was few years ago we had to go to a wedding. In the middle of this wedding I started to get a little warm so I got up to get a little bit of water and my husband thought there was something wrong so he came to where I was and I told him that I was getting horny. I took him to an empty room and I began to fuck the hell out of him. Well, I found out after that, we had sex in a confession room. I will confess that it was the best sex I have had in along time...

Salem, Oregon

My boyfriend and I were at a party one night with all of our friends. We were high and drunk while watching this nasty video and all of a sudden I was eating this girl out and getting fucked in my ass by my boyfriends best friend. We had one big orgy. I have to admit that I was attracted to girls before. I wanted it to happen again! maybe it will!

Dallas, TX

I don't have much experience, When I married my husband, we were both virgins. I think the most exiting thing that we have ever done is have sex in a public park in the middle of the day. We were not alone, we had a friend with us that was watching. We had anal sex for the first time on that day , and I loved it!

Concord, NC

My boyfriend and I just come back from his basketball game. His team won, so he decided that we should take a long vacation away from home. So he surprised me with two tickets to Hawaii. I was so happy I didn't know what to say. We took a week and a half off from school to have a little fun and romance. When we got to the hotel we decided to have a little fun before we got unpacked. He laid down on the bed to get comfy. I took my shirt off and did some dirty dancing and slowly took the rest of my clothes off. I crawled onto the bed to get closer to him. I unbuttoned his shirt and started kissing his chest working my way closer to his seven inch dick. Unbutton his belt and suck his cum out. Feeling that nice warm cum on my mouth and body made me even hornier. He pulled my head up and put me on my back, and fucked me hard and good, giving me orgasm after orgasm. We were going for a long time, until the people in the other room knocked on our wall and told us to shut the hell up. But that didn't stop us from having more fun. We told everybody back home that we just had a romantic week.

Annapolis, Maryland

I use to work at HI-vee food store in the deli with all these girls I was the only guy at the time. I worked with all these good looking chicks all day watching them bend over and pick stuff up and they were young and man did that make me horny. When I got off work I was so horny all I wanted to was have sex. I was not married at the time and was just dating a girl that is my wife now. She would wait for me in the deli until I got off work. My girl friend was sitting in the eating area waiting for me when someone came in with all these balloons that said I love you on them. I was so surprised when I found out they were for me. Now it was time to leave and I took the balloons with me. We went to her parents house and up to her bed room and made love for the first time. I knew this was going to be my lucky day and it was we have been together for twelve years and it is only getting better.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I invited my boyfriend over for dinner and a movie. I decorated the dining room with a classic setting lit by candlelight. We had champagne and then dinner. I asked him if he wanted dessert and he asked what I had. I told him something chocolaty, fruity, and very sweet. He said sure. I went to the kitchen, disrobed, ran Hershey's chocolate, chopped strawberries, and whip cream (strategically placed) all over myself careful not to get any on the floor. Then, I put on a sandwich board I had made to look like a giant box of candy. I walked into the dining room. My boyfriend was all smiles. I told him I had a box of candy for him and asked if he'd like a piece. He said yes. I told him to help himself. And, he did! He told me it was the best candy he'd ever eaten.

Petaluma, CA

I rented a hotel room and had my sister watch my daughter. I had went to the store the day before and bought, some whipped cream, cherries, a string of beads, scented candles, and a blacklight bulb. I set the music just right, put the blacklight bulb into the lamp and lit the scented candles. I stuffed the string of beads deep into my vagina, then I put on my brand new lingerie. At this time I called my partner and told him to meet me here at this room, and it was an emergency. He arrived in about 15 minutes. When he came in, I stood over him, and danced erotically. Then surprisingly pulled the string of beads slowly from inside of me, and placed them on his stomach. He removed them and placed them in his mouth. At this time I placed the whipped cream and cherries all over his body. I licked every inch of it off. By this time, he was aching with desire. I then teased him by softly touching the head of his penis, to the opening of my hot vagina, being careful not to fully insert it. After about 3 minutes of this, I then surprisingly, deeply sat on his shaft taking every inch of his manhood. Stroking and bouncing, wiggling and turning, gyrating, and rolling until we both reached our ultimate peaks.

Decatur, Ga

For my birthday, my boyfriend invited another girl into our bed and we got it on all night, he loved it, and I didn't mind! When he fell asleep me and my new friend started to wake him up by licking him down there and he became hard and we did it again.

Santa Cruz, CA

My husband and I have been married for 8 years and we have two children together. Sometimes the routine of everyday life begins to wear down the romance in your love life. One weekend last year, I got my sister to baby-sit and reserved a room at the Holiday Inn. I called my husband and had him meet me there later in the evening, so that I would have time to set everything up. As I opened the door, I blindfolded him, so that he couldn't see what I had in store for him. I stripped him and guided him toward the bed. I had the room light only be scented candles and I was wearing a new red nighty. As he lay there, I sensually brought fruit to his lips and asked him to guess what he was tasting. I dipped my finger in different sauces -- chocolate, caramel, raspberry, etc. He licked them from my fingers and guessed what they were. I rubbed him with warm body oil and gave him a very sexy massage. To top it off, I rubbed passion fruit lotion all over his cock and gave him the most amazing blow job that he said he had ever had. We had the most amazing lovemaking that I believe we had ever had. All because of the element of surprise -- and SEDUCTION! Now, we have decided to do something similar at least once a year. Taking turns with who picks the rendezvous and what activities we will enjoy that time.

Orange Park, FL

I went out and bought some "things for my room...glow in the dark body glitter, a sexy silver velvet bra and panties...glowing stars on the ceiling and motion lotion (cinnamon) that along with the strobe light and me all over him....well...lets just say he will never forget it.

Salbury, NC

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