Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Use Fantasy to Spice Up Your Sex Life

I have a confession to make. I love to fantasize about different sexual situations. I think that the only abnormal part about that is that I'm willing to admit it. Or, perhaps I should say, I am female, and I'm willing to admit it! Fantasies are different for everyone, and I've heard that many women are ashamed about the fantasies that they have. It's funny that I've never heard of a man ashamed of his fantasies! A search of the internet will reveal thousands of sites dedicated to men's fantasies, and a scant few dedicated to women.

I clearly recall playing 'let's pretend' as a child. It was a game of anything goes. I could be a princess, a fairy, a king, or a mermaid. As long as I believed it, so did everyone else. The only rules were that there were no rules. The limits of your imagination were the limits of the game. Fantasies are only an adult version of that game.

I've often heard it said that for the woman, the brain is the most important sexual organ. That being the case, why not chose to engage it for all it's worth? Forcing your brain to participate beyond the here and now brings a different level to the sex you are having. For example, it may be good to be in bed with your husband, but it would be great to be in bed with a handsome knight who has just saved your honor and to whom you are about to offer your maidenhead... You get the idea, right? You aren't cheating on your lover, you are simply adding to the moment with a little 'let's pretend'.

Your thoughts don't have to be shared, but fantasies between lovers can both spice up a relationship, and bring two people closer together. Telling your lover what you desire can help them to please you better. To broach the subject at first might be a bit difficult, but after a few blushes and perhaps some wine, once you get started talking, it's not so hard. The person that you are sleeping with probably knows more about your body than anyone else, it's not any more intimate to share a bit of your mind with them as well!

Remember that a fantasy is just that, a fantasy. Many women have rape fantasies but do not really wish to be raped. They just simply want to lose control for just a bit, most preferably with a lover that they trust. Keep in mind that, regardless of the fantasy, having them is perfectly normal and healthy. If you desire to only live in the world of your fantasies, then perhaps you should seek help, but if you choose to only explore them on occasion, there is nothing wrong with that. So go ahead, fantasize. Spice up your sex life with a bit of imagination. You never know who you'll be, or who you'll be sleeping with next!

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