Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wet And Messy Sex!

You have probably seen the famous scene in 9 1/2 Weeks where Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger have a little fun with food. If this has ever seemed appealing to you, you may have a tendency toward WAM, or Wet-and-Messy sex. If you can talk your partner into some wild fun, here are some tips and ideas that will get you cooking!

First of all, messy sex takes some preparation. Unless you are willing to ruin your carpet, sheets and whatever else you come in contact with, some precautions must be taken.

If easy cleanup is important to you, probably the best place to make your mess is in the bathtub, if it is big enough for you and your partner(s). Place dark towels or an old shower curtain on the floor next to the tub to protect the floor. The bathtub is a particularly good place for this activity if the shower and tub are attached. That way you can make your mess, clean the tub and wash each other off all in the same place.

If you decide on the floor or bed, you will need to cover the entire area. One suggestion is to place several heavy towels close together on the area and cover them with a huge piece of plastic or cloth, such as a shower curtain or drop cloth. If on the bed, you can use one of those plastic sheets (for bed wetters), but you may still want to place towels underneath the sheet just in case something seeps through. When the plastic gets wet, it makes for slippery fun!

If you are using condoms, place a few unlubricated ones right next to you. You will probably have to change condoms a few times. Also, put all of your messy substances near you for easy access. A spray bottle filled with water is a good idea just in case the substances start drying on the skin.

Now you have to decide what substances to use. This can be a tricky matter and may require some experimenting. There are also some safety measures you must take. Do not use sugary substances in the vagina. They can cause bacterial growth, yeast infections and much worse. Do not use alcohol around the genitals or anus, as this can cause severe burning. Whatever substances you decide to use, make sure you warm them up first.

If you want to use food, some of the popular choices are chocolate syrup, margarine or butter, vegetable oil, instant pudding (made with water instead of milk), whipped cream, eggs and yogurt. Remember not to put the sugary substances inside the vagina and using margarine, butter or oil with condoms will ruin the condoms.

Non-food items can also be a lot of fun and many are safer to use on the body. Hair conditioner, body lotion (careful, some burn), water-based paint or kiddy paint, shaving cream, shampoo and liquid soap are all popular choices.

Check out the various WAM web sites on the Internet for more suggestions and safety tips.

Cleaning up after WAM sex can be just as fun as getting messy. Wipe as much of the mess as possible off each other with towels before heading for the shower. Then have two bars of soap handy to wash each other off with.

If you decide to engage in messy sex, just be sure to use precautions and be safe. Then grab your partner and get down and dirty! Pretty soon you'll be putting Mickey and Kim to shame!

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