Tuesday, April 29, 2008

X-Prostitute: Curious Things That Turned-on My Clients

A true story from an x-prostitute

Most of us will be aware that one of the first things that attracts us about a person is a certain type of look. Some women are known to notice arms, buttocks (most popular), hands, teeth, eyes and hair. Men seem to go for one or another particular physical attribute. They are known as 'boob' men, 'leg' men, or 'ass' men. But there are an increasing number of people that are turned on by other, less usual things.

One of the more common fetishes are those connected with feet. During my time in the Sex industry, one of my favorite clients was 'Bob'. He would pay for my time for an hour, and all I had to do was lay on the bed watching TV while he kissed and caressed my feet and toes. His only requirement was that I wore red nail polish. His hands never went above my ankle, I was never required to touch him in any way at all. He had total absorption in my feet, and could climax quite happily while playing with them. He told me his wife never understood his fetish, and that even many other girls had thought him strange. He didn't bother me at all, it was an easy hour.

'George' was another story all together. His pleasure was pain, in a big way. George would pay phenomenal sums for two to three hour sessions. His requirement was that he left the session bleeding from his scrotum. George was a well respected business man, who took pleasure, not so much from being dominated, but from being hurt. His favorite act was to have his penis taken in one hand (mine of course) and his ball bag taken in the other, and pulled. The emphasis here was on the pulling, no gentle tugs would do, as I learnt when I first met George. Those parts of his anatomy had to be yanked apart. From there we would proceed to the ball scraping. Here I would stretch the loose skin around the balls and then scrape over them with my nails. George would only be satisfied if blood was drawn. I did ask him once if his wife ever noticed the marks, but he apparently hadn't slept with her for years. Three or Four times a year he would attend specialist parties in Australia, where he would enjoy watching a person being tied, beaten and degraded in so many ways in front of an audience, of men just like George. It was extremely exclusive and very expensive. I talked to a girl that had been the 'subject' at one of these parties. She claimed it took over a month for the bruising to disappear, but she had been paid more than we would have ever made in a lifetime for it. She was in the process of buying a house.

The range of sex toys is another fast growing industry. The everyday vibrator now comes in a huge range of colors, sizes and shapes. There are ones that have a velvet exterior, (with internal firmness), pliable ones, pulsating ones and others that throb. You can buy anal kits, and kits that satisfy every other orifice. 'Kenny' used to bring his own when he came to see me. It was one of the larger versions, big, black with a gold head. He was another man I never had to touch. I would lie naked on the bed and he would put that thing in places the sun never shone on. His only requirement was that I tell him how much I liked it, moaning and groaning (the usual), he knew it was fake. He was quite an old man, and had not been able to have intercourse himself for a long time. He didn't like the idea of Viagra or pumps. He was quite happy with his toy, which obviously in his eyes, became an extension of himself. He was always very happy when he left, and was a regular for some time.

Dennis was a big baby - literally! He was in his early twenties, a nice looking young man, working as an accountant, always dressed in a suit. He would always visit with a large bag - I like a chap that brings his own equipment. This time I didn't get to lie down, Dennis took the bed. I would undress him, change his diaper, taking a lot of time over washing his 'pee-pee', powdering him, and smacking his bottom if his penis got hard. I never found out his story. He did tell me that he had never had sex, but that his girlfriend liked him because he was a nice guy. He didn't feel he could ever get married, as a wife would have to be very understanding of him wearing diapers all the time (he didn't soil himself - he just liked the feel of nappies). He got his erotic thoughts from the wearing of the nappies, and would quite often get aroused through the day at work, just thinking of his penis in the nappy.

A common sexual theme, is the men who like to be penetrated, straddled by a larger woman (that?s me) wearing a strap on dildo, and regularly pumping them while they bring themselves off by hand. These were men who spent a lot of their days in control of many other people, I guess sometimes they liked to have someone control them for a bit.

Toilet fetishes were never my favorite pastime, but as a good girl who never said 'No' and just put the prices up, it was something I came across in my time. One gentleman who would remain nameless (because he never told me) used to phone me and ask me when I was due for a bowel motion. He would then phone me about that time, and ask me to sit on the toilet backwards, so he could imagine watching me going to the toilet. I drew the line at meeting him, as there are some things I do prefer to do without an audience, but I used to listen to him climaxing over the telephone, as I completed my business. I have to confess though, that when he asked me if I would crap on him, I stopped taking his calls. I have a vivid imagination, but there are some things that even I could not contemplate. Golden showers are quite fun, so long as I was the one giving, not receiving. I used to make sure we were in a shower when this was happening, so the mess was easy to clean up. 'John' would ring me about an hour before an appointment, to make sure I had drunk plenty of fluid - he wanted a pee that would last for ages. He claimed there was something really erotic about the humiliation of having somebody urinate on you.

Voyeurism is definitely a safe way of enjoying sex. I have had many clients who enjoy watching me perform with another lady, another man, and pure masturbation. 'Tony' was a quiet chap, always dressed in a suit, that would come and see me once a week. I was required to perform a slow striptease, followed by masturbation, without paying any attention to him at all. I am not sure if that turned him on or not, now I think about it, as his facial expression never changed. But he always thanked me nicely, paid extremely well, and came every Thursday for as long as I was in town.

The things that can turn a person on, would have to be as varied as the number of people there are in this world. My favorite was a chap who liked to jump around the room dressed in nothing but cowboy boots, 'yahooing' in front of an imaginary crowd, before leaping on top of me. He only lasted a few seconds in the bed, but the build up was fabulous to watch.

What ever it is you do, have fun with it. Remember that anything that is done with consent, is fine, but make sure you get that consent first before you start your acting out.

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