Thursday, October 9, 2008

Q & A: Is it safe to swallow semen?

Is it safe to swallow semen? Is it high in calories? In regards to pH is it more basic or acidic?
-- dieting

dear dieting, I bets you've already asked your partner this question, and he said, "Sure it's safe...."

In reality, a man's ejaculate is "safe" as long as it doesn't contain any sexually transmitted diseases. And there is no way to know if a new partner has any sexually transmitted diseases. You can ask, of course, and that's a wise thing to do to open up communication. However, in many cases, your partner may not even know himself, as the most common symptom of a sexually transmitted disease is no symptom at all. And yes, HIV can be transmitted via oral sex. See our answers to What can I get from giving oral sex to a man for more specific information. Any contact with an infected person's seminal or vaginal fluids is a potential danger to an uninfected partner.

That said, if you're in a totally monogamous relationship where neither of you has been diagnosed with an STD and both have tested HIV negative, it's safe to swallow semen. Although you should know, there are a few rare cases of folks who are allergic!

Semen's about 5 calories per teaspoonful. An average ejaculation produces two to five millileters of fluids, or one to two teaspoonfuls. This amount does vary from man to man, dependent on his age, and the frequency with which he's having sex, but on average, one to two spoonfuls is the load. The sperm in semen is only about five percent of the total at most. The rest of the semen is a fluid mixture containing fructose (a sugar), protein, citric acid, alkalines and a host of other substances hospitable to the sperm. So, since semen contains both acidic and basic substances, they potentially cancel each other out into pH neutrality.

That's the scoop!

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