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Tao of Love And Sex: Excercises For Increasing Sexual Strength

Generally speaking, there are two ways to increase sexual strength: diet (which should be understood as including both therapeutic plants and toning foods) and physical discipline. While diet may be the simpler of the two methods, it is also the one on which a person can become the most dependent.

The ancient Taoists invented a number of exercises whose purpose was to help develop effective physical and mental strength for daily life and to remedy bodily deficiencies that might hinder a person from embarking on spiritual practices. Some of these methods are specifically-designed to tone sexual strength and constitute a genuine and total therapy for the individual who seeks to take control of his energy economy. The exercises and techniques given below are designed to develop the sexual energies. Drawn from the esoteric traditions of daoyin, qigong, and neigong, they work for the most part by toning the kidney or toning jing.
Mounted archer's pose for strengthening the kidneys

This exercise is a stationary pose; its toning action strengthens the kidneys. It is one of the best known of all Chinese health exercises, having been adopted by many martial arts schools in China and Japan. Also called the horseman's pose, it figures in many of the ancient medical classics. Here are some of the benefits it confers:
  • Fortifies the kidneys (in the broad sense of the term, as explained above).
  • Stimulates circulation of blood and improves the quality of blood.
  • Calms mental overexcitement and strengthens courage in the face of the challenges of daily life.
  • Stimulates the spleen and the stomach and fortifies digestion.

Spread your legs so that they are slightly more than shoulder-width apart.
Without lifting your heels from the floor, bend your knees, as though you were riding a horse. Cross your arms in front of your chest.
Then pull one of your arms back, as though you were drawing back a bowstring.
Return to the starting, crossed-armed position; as you do this, inhale.
Repeat this sequence at least seven times.
This exercise provides a good foundation on which to begin the practice of qigong for strengthening male sexuality.

Daoyin for strengthening the kidneys and sexuality
Sit cross-legged on the floor. Cover your ears with your hands in such a way that your fingers are behind your head. Raise your elbows to the sides.
Keeping your hips facing forward, rotate your torso to the left as you exhale gently.
Bring your torso back to the starting position; as you do this, inhale. Now do the same thing again, but this time to the right.
Repeat this sequence fifteen times.
Breathe naturally as you perform these movements. Both your breathing and the movements should be unforced.

After you have performed this sequence fifteen times, massage each arm in an upward direction from the forearm to the upper arm. Massage the inside of your arm first, then the outside. Do this fifteen times.

This exercise increases resistance to disease, strengthens vitality and courage, and combats kidney and bladder troubles of all sorts. It gently stimulates and strengthens the sexual energies.

Neigong kidney massage
The loins protect the kidneys; they are a refuge for jing, and thus ensure reproduction. The lumbar vertebrae are a major intersection of the body's energies. Massaging this area with gentle taps tones the kidneys, increases energy, and drains the channels.

Here is how one Taoist internal-exercise text explains the procedure:
Rub your hands together to produce heat; inhale cool qi through the nose, then exhale it slowly, still through the nose; then massage the loins with your hands, which you have first warmed by rubbing them together. Then rub your hands together again and massage your kidneys ninety times with both hands. This exercise strengthens yang energy, relieves lower-back pains, and increases urinary excretions.

Cinnabar field massage
This method consists of massaging the cinnabar field, or dantian, which Taoists call the Elixir Field or Vital Gate. The abdomen protects the dantian, the storehouse for vital energy in men, the site of the uterus in women. This area plays an important role as a reservoir for sexual energies. The ancient Taoists referred to this method as the dantian, or Vital Gate, massage.
Massaging this area tones kidney energy, fortifies the spleen and stomach, promotes the circulation of vital energy in the channels, and improves digestion. This massage also mobilizes energy, making it immediately available.

Cinnabar field massage.
Press with your fingers or the palm of your hand against the center of your lower abdomen, then rotate; be sure to keep the movement circular. Your hand should always be in contact with the skin but not pull too strongly against it. Massage your cinnabar field in this way thirty-six times. As you do this, check to see if your penis has risen slightly, which will indicate that the pressure is reaching the genital area. This exercise takes several minutes. You should stop when you feel a sensation of heat in your lower abdomen.

This technique, if practiced regularly, increases sexual energy and can remedy impotence. Its effectiveness has led many modern physicians to attempt to explain it in terms of Western medical science. According to these physicians, this massage stimulates the prostate, which activates the sperm. It is not surprising, therefore, that the cinnabar field massage can also increase fertility.

Foot massage for fortifying jing and the sexual organs
The feet are not only useful instruments for getting us from one place to another, they are also an indicator of the state of health of the entire body. Chinese physicians since time immemorial have paid particular attention to the feet and have developed effective methods to fortify health by treating the feet. Foot massage is one of the simplest and most easily practiced of these methods.

The most important massage point on the sole of the foot is called the yongcjuan point (literally, the boiling spring); it is located at the center of the arch, on the kidney channel (this channel goes from the little toe through the arch of the foot, the ankle, leg, spinal column, abdomen, chest, and throat, all the way to the base of the tongue).
The second most important point on the sole of the foot is the heel; this point corresponds to the sexual organs.

Frequent massage of the yongquan point is an effective way to unblock the kidney channel, regularize energy, and activate the circulation of blood. The body is invigorated by the flow of vital energy, kidney functions improve, the sexual organs are toned, the immune system is strengthened, and the entire organism is better able to resist the wear and tear of daily life.
A well-known Chinese therapist, Chen Zhi, used to prescribe the following foot massage. Here is the procedure as he described it:

The yongquan point is found on the arch of the foot, where dampness enters. Every day, massage this point on each foot—first one foot, then the other—with the thumb of your hand as you hold your toes with the other hand. After a little while, when you feel the heat spread across the entire sole of your foot, wiggle your toes gently.

Grasping the toes of your foot with one hand, massage the yongquan point with the thumb of your other hand thirty-six times without stopping. Try to keep a fairly exact count.
Perform this massage gently until the sole of the foot becomes quite warm. You can enhance this effect by increasing the pressure you exert with your thumb on the yongquan point.
If you perform this exercise regularly, you will definitely notice not only its overall health benefits but also its positive effects on your sexual health.

Urinating on tiptoes
Urinating while standing on tiptoes fortifies the kidneys by stimulating the yongquan point and increases control of the flow of urine. This Taoist exercise is also a cure for impotence and premature ejaculation. A simple exercise to perform, it should be done with your back straight and your teeth clenched, which will help produce a forceful urine flow.
  • Urinate while standing on the front part of the feet, in other words, on both the balls and toes (not on the toes alone).
  • Keep your teeth clenched together, but not too hard, for the entire time as you urinate.
  • When you have finished urinating, lower your heels to the floor; at the same time, exhale and relax.

The secret of this method is that it increases urine flow and thereby activates kidney energy through pressure on an important energy point. One way to determine sexual strength is to observe the force of your urine flow: a very strong flow means great sexual strength; a very weak flow, which in extreme cases may amount only to dribbles, indicates that sexual strength has declined. The simple fact that urine flow is stronger before sexual intercourse than after would tend to confirm this theory.

Massaging the three yin trajectories
Sit on the ground, with your legs spread as wide apart as possible. Begin massaging your calves and inner thighs in an upward direction only (that is, toward the groin), by rubbing the skin of your legs vigorously with your hands.
When your hands reach the groin, run them down along your leg very gently—applying almost no pressure at all— until you reach the ankle.
Do this at least thirty times on each side. Then lie down on the floor for a minute and relax.

The recumbent Taoist's exercise
This exercise was originally used to treat lumbago, but because it firms up the waist and strengthens the abdominal muscles, it can also increase sexual strength through its local stimulating action. This method also increases the energy of the kidneys, which are involved in these movements as well. The exercise consists of six separate movements. Perform each movement at least three times.

1. Lie on your back, stretched out on the floor; lift both legs straight up off the floor until they are perpendicular to the floor. Then, bring your legs down to the left, lowering them slowly until they just touch the floor. Bring them back up to the center, and perform the same movement again, this time to the right. Repeat two more times.
2. Lying on your back, raise both legs so that they are at a forty-five-degree angle to the floor. Keeping the leg muscles tensed, cross and uncross your legs three times, then gently lower them as you exhale.
3. Lying on your back, your palms flat against the floor alongside your waist, raise your upper body while inhaling (inhale naturally, without forcing the breath); then lower your upper body slowly to the floor as you exhale. Perform this movement at least three times.
4. Lying on your belly, with both hands folded alongside your head, raise your lower body and your arms at the same time.
5. Lying on your belly, with your arms behind your back, hands touching, raise your upper body and your legs at the same time.
6. Lying on your belly, raise one leg then the other. Repeat several times.
These excercises are not recommended for people with hardening of the arteries or high blood pressure.

The Red Dragon
The Red Dragon method consists of a series of traditional Taoist exercises combined with massage. It is designed to increase a man's sexual capacities and enable him to keep an erection during long sexual intercourse. The Red Dragon method stimulates jing and qi while fortifying shen. Thus, each of the three treasures benefits from this practice, which, though quite simple, requires some attention at first. Mastering the Red Dragon method requires regular practice and perseverance. But after a month or so of practice, you will only have to perform this exercise once a day to maintain its benefits.

The Red Dragon, which involves movements of the penis and the muscles surrounding the anus, mobilizes muscles rarely used in daily life. These exercises are supplemented with massages designed to stimulate and tone certain parts of the body. Assiduous practice of the Red Dragon method can prevent premature ejaculation. By allowing you to control ejaculation, it will help your partner achieve orgasm as well. To obtain definite results, these exercises generally need to be performed three times a day. Don't expect immediate results. It takes time, but eventually you will see the effects.
Just before beginning each sequence, relax completely. Let your thoughts rest and observe your breathing while keeping your eyes gently shut.

  • Kneel on the floor. Your toes and the tops of your feet should be in contact with the floor, the soles facing upward toward the sky. Your knees should be two to four palm widths apart to ensure proper stability.
  • Take your scrotum in your left hand and squeeze gently seven times. Each squeeze should last about a second.
  • Then exhale gently through your mouth until there is almost no air left in your lungs. Then inhale slowly through your nose, imagining your breath traveling down toward your dantian, about three thumb widths below the navel.
  • The intake of breath should last about five seconds (but in no case should be forced). Once the dantian is full, hold your breath. Then, with the tip of the index finger of your right hand, press the huiyin acupuncture point, located midway between your anus and your scrotum, and clench your teeth together gently. Place your tongue against the back of your upper front teeth, where the teeth meet the gums, thus connecting two important channels—the Du Mai and Ren Mai.
  • Firmly contract the muscles of your anus, bringing it toward the front of your body, and, with your back straight, bend your upper body forward about thirty degrees while keeping your abdominal muscles contracted (but without forcing them). Then raise your buttocks about four inches above your heels.
  • Hold this position for about five seconds, keeping your back straight and your anus contracted. Then let your anus relax, and then relax your entire body, the nerves and muscles. At the same time, start exhaling, letting the air escape first through your nose, then through your mouth.

The Red Dragon: first position.
The movements of the Red Dragon method described above constitute one complete cycle. Perform the cycle twenty times. In performing these movements, you should aim for a certain fluidity, which will come eventually with practice. The Red Dragon is best practiced on awaking or just before going to bed. One sign of success is for your penis to stand up on its own when you contract your anus, as though your penis were increasing in volume.

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