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Tao of Love And Sex: Exercises For Strengthening Female Sexuality

Most female sexual troubles—irregular or painful periods, leukorrhea, frigidity—can be attributed to an imbalance of vital energy and blood. These internal exercises tone the energy of the lower abdomen while respecting the female yin essence.

The three exercises of the wild duck
Many of the energy channels are involved in sexually related disorders. These channels include the kidney, liver, and spleen channels and the Conception Vessel. For this reason it is necessary to establish a general exercise program to fortify all these channels and to regularize the circulation of blood to prevent blood stases and weakness of the blood (anemia). This short sequence of exercises can be practiced any time of the day. It is easily memorized. The movements come direcdy from the qigong, the Chinese system of health exercises.

These movements are of ancient origin. Long ago, many years before the birth of Christ, the renowned physician Hua To used acupuncture theory to devise a series of movements that imitated the movements of animals. His purpose was to stimulate the weak energy from which members of the Chinese imperial court were suffering.

If it was recognized even then that a sedentary lifestyle could be harmful for health, what about today? These ancient and traditional exercises have recently been taken up again in China and Japan. They are specially designed to tighten the skin, combat obesity and cellulite, slim the waist, and, above all, fortify the female sexual organs. By practicing these exercises regularly, you can lose weight, become slimmer, more relaxed, and more svelte, and improve the functioning of your sexual organs.

These exercises are best practiced in the sequence indicated. In performing these exercises, be sure not to force any of the movements. Perform them slowly and deliberately, and don't let yourself get distracted. Repeat each movement no more than five times.

First exercise: Stand on the balls and toes of your feet and raise your arms while stretching upward and inhaling gently. Then lower your body and bring your arms down; while still keeping your heels off the floor, exhale gently until there is no more air in your lungs. Lower your head, bringing it down between your knees. Then stand up again on the balls and toes of your feet and repeat the entire movement four more times. This exercise invigorates the torso, the sides especially, at the level of the rib cage. It also increases lung capacity and brings oxygen to every part of the body, helping to maintain the proper functioning of the organs and improving elimination. It stimulates circulation in the pelvic region and the sexual organs.

Second exercise: Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you, your weight principally on your buttocks. Let your hands rest on your legs. Exhale gently as you slowly bring your head down to your legs and try to touch your feet with your hands. Inhale as you return to the original position, keeping your arms extended. (If you feel too much pulling in your back or in the back of your legs during this exercise, you can let your hands stay near your knees rather than try to touch your toes. The important thing is to keep your legs extended.)

This movement will restore beauty and svelteness to your midriff and abdomen. It refines the tissues and tones the internal organs.

Third exercise: Sitting on the floor, balance yourself on your buttocks while supporting yourself with your extended arms. With your legs extended, describe five circles in space in a clockwise direction; then, in a counterclockwise direction, make five more circles. Keeping your feet together will make it easier to rotate your extended legs.

In the beginning, two circles may be all you can do before you tire. If that happens, gradually increase the number of circles over the course of time until you can do five of them. Make these circles gently while breathing in a natural, unforced manner.

This movement refines and tones the muscles of the buttocks and the hips. It promotes the elimination of fat from the back and the hips. It is also excellent for sagging buttocks.

Daoyin for female sexuality
The daoyin method for directing energy, described in the previous chapter on the male sexual Tao, can be profitably practiced by women, too; it treats kidney deficiencies and increases vital energy in the pubic and genital region. Perform this exercise in exactly the same way as indicated in the previous chapter.

Method for controlling the vagina
Just as there are specific exercises for the male sexual organs, so there are methods for controlling the energies of the vagina. The ancient Taoists developed a method designed to strengthen and maintain the vaginal muscles with a sequence of alternating contractions and relaxations. This method can be practiced anywhere and anytime; it should always be performed in a standing position, with the tip of your tongue placed behind your upper front teeth, where the teeth meet the gums. This will allow you to connect two of the "extra channels," the Du Mai and the Ren Mai, so as to form a complete yin-yang energy circuit, sometimes called the wheel of fortune.

This method is commonly used in certain types of Chinese Taoist and Indian tantric meditation. The vaginal control exercise is performed in the following way:
Breathe in through your nose, and with each inhalation, raise your tongue to the roots of your teeth while contracting your vaginal-anal region and bringing it upward. Exhale through your mouth, and with each exhalation relax your anus and vagina, while also letting your tongue relax and rest on the floor of your mouth.

This exercise offers many benefits: it activates energy and blood, prevents genital disorders, improves a woman's ability to carry a child to term, prevents hemorrhoids, increases vaginal secretions, and enhances the response to sexual stimuli.

Breathe deeply and naturally from the abdomen while performing this exercise. Your abdomen should swell out with each inhalation and relax with each exhalation. It is a good idea to combine vaginal exercises with a gentle massaging of the ears (remember the relationship between the ears and the kidneys) and the eyes. It is said that women who are adept at performing this exercise can absorb the man's yang energy during sexual intercourse, thus helping to increase the couple's harmony.

Of all the parts of a woman's body, the vagina is probably the one most in need of exercise, followed by the anus, the ears, and the eyes. If a woman does not make a deliberate effort to exercise her vagina on a regular basis, there is little chance that it will be activated, except during her periods and during sexual relations. Consider the following: a woman uses her legs and exercises her mouth and tongue every day, as a matter of course; but she does not have her period every day or have sex every day of her life. That is why it is important for her to give her vagina special attention.

Regularly exercising the vagina and the anus has other benefits as well: it activates energy and blood circulation in these two zones, which can shrink hemorrhoids and increase vaginal secretions.

Massage the folds of the groin
Lie flat on your back on a moderately hard surface (for example, on a carpet or rug). Relax for a few moments while focusing on your breathing, which should be slow and natural. Then rub your hands against each other for fifteen seconds; then stop rubbing but keep the hands immobile one against the other. Repeat this action two more times, until your hands are very warm and you feel the prickly sensation that signals the presence of qi (vital energy).

Then start rubbing the folds of both sides of the groin, slowly and gently and without stopping. To keep your mind focused, count silently up to a hundred, then stop. Practiced every day, in the morning upon rising and at night before going to bed, this health exercise will tone and regularize what therapists call the Elixir Field, that is, the genital hormonal system. This massage is particularly in- dicated for disorders of the female genital system.

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