Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tao of Love And Sex: Manufactured Formulas For Female Sexuality

Pills of commercial manufacture can be either classic formulas or a single herb prepared for mass-market consumption. The following are formulas with sexual actions:

Royal Jelly
Feng Wang Jiang
Actions: Tones the Triple Burner and the kidneys, tones yin and qi, promotes fertility and longevity (particularly recommended for women). Maintains the sexual fluids and the beauty of the sexual organs.
General indications: Weight loss, senility, general debilitation, convalescence, hair loss, neurasthenia, hepatitis, arthritis, anemia, postsurgical treatment in cases of gastric ulcers.
Recommended dosage: One to two vials per day.

Chinese Angelica Pill
Dang Gui Wan
Actions: Activates and nourishes the circulation of blood, soothes pains, lubricates the intestines, relieves tensions. Indications: Deficiency of blood after childbirth; mensttual disorders such as dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, scanty menstruation, headaches; lumbago; abdominal swelling; gynecopathy; traumatisms; constipation; dry skin; eruptions. Sexual indications: Weak feminine energy. Recommended dosage: Two to five pills, three times a day.

Heart-Supplementing and Spirit-Quieting Pill
Tian Wang Pu Xin Tan
Actions: Nourishes tired heart, calms emotional instability. General indications: Lassitude, anxiety, ringing in the ears, palpitations, breathing difficulties, insomnia, poor memory, night sweats.
Sexual indications: Mental fatigue, sexual difficulties due to anxiety.
Recommended dosage: Five pills, three times a day.

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