Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tao Of Love And Sex: Manufactures Formulas For Male Sexuality

Pills of commercial manufacture can be either classic formulas or a single herb prepared for mass-market consumption. The following are formulas with sexual actions.

Gecko Major Supplementation Pills
Ge Jie Da Bu Wan
Actions: Tones bones, lungs, kidneys, and liver; strengthens the heart; fortifies, relaxes, and calms the spleen, stomach, bones, and sinews; calms rebellious qi. General indications: Asthma, fatigue, aching bones, dizziness, lumbago, nightmares, anxiety, tinnitus, frequent urination, incipient osteoporosis, coughing, deficiencies of the lungs and kidneys.
Sexual indications: Sexual exhaustion, impotence. Recommended dosage: Three to five pills, taken after breakfast.

Rehmannia Six Pills
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
Actions: Nourishes kidney yin, supplements yin, tones blood, calms the heart, calms the emotions, stabilizes shen, tones kidney yin and yang.
General indications: Fatigue, weakness in the knee joints, dizziness, nervousness, hypertension, senility, tinnitus, spermatorrhea, hematuria, deficiencies of blood and yin, constipation, diabetes, sore throat, excessive thirst. Sexual indications: Sexual fatigue, impotence resulting from illness.
Recommended dosage: Eight to sixteen pills, three times a day. Appropriate for both men and women.

Ginseng Extract
Panax schinseng extractum
Actions: Tones qi and yuanqi; nourishes body fluid; calms shen; tones the lungs; develops the center and earth (one of the five elements); nourishes the three treasures, jing, qi, and shen; stimulates perceptions; and facilitates meditation. General indications: Neurasthenia, fatigue, loss of appetite, indigestion, headaches, insomnia, poor memory, abdominal pains, dysentery, shock, chronic fever, deficiency of lung and heart qi.
Sexual indications: Sexual fatigue, impotence. Recommended dosage: Sixty drops, two or three times a day. Recommended for all types of constitutions.
Deer Antler Extract
Actions: Tones the kidneys, liver, heart, and brain; stimulates blood circulation; tones marrow and yang; promotes longevity; enhances physical form and vitality. General indications: Neurasthenia following a heart attack, poor memory, hair loss. Sexual indications: Sexual fatigue, impotence. Recommended dosage: Sixty drops, twice a day.

Polygonatum "Black-Head" Pill
Shou Wu Pian
Actions: Tones the liver and kidneys, supplements jing and blood, detoxifies and tones blood, tones the muscles and bones, supplements sperm and stimulates fertility, promotes longevity, develops the element wood. General indications: Liver and kidney deficiencies, constipation, skin ailments, premature graying of hair, weakness in the lumbar region and the knees, chronic leukorrhea, flatulence, intestinal difficulties.
Sexual indications: Sexual fatigue, premature ejaculation. Recommended dosage: Five pills, three times a day.

Heart-Supplementing and Spirit-Quieting Pill
Tian Wang Pu Xin Tan
Actions: Nourishes the tired heart, calms emotional instability.
General indications: Lassitude, anxiety, tinnitus, palpitations, breathing difficulties, imsomnia, poor memory, night sweats.
Sexual indications: Sexual difficulties due to anxiety, premature ejaculation, sexual debilitation. Recommended dosage: Five pills, three times a day.

Tiger Bone Pill
Tu Ku Wan
Actions: Fortifies the bones and sinews, reduces spasms, relaxes the muscles, stimulates blood circulation. General indications: Flatulence, rheumatic pains (bi), lumbago, gout, swelling of the limbs, arthritis, infantile spasms, shaking.
Sexual indications: Treats impotence resulting from weakness of the tendons and the muscles. Recommended dosage: Four to eight pills, morning and night.

Three Treasures Pill
Tzepao San Pien Pills
Actions: Tones jing, tones the brain, works as a major sexual tonic.
General indications: Weakness, senility, impotence, neurasthenia, kidney ailments, dizziness, poor memory, pimples on the back and chest, excessive perspiration, pallor, insomnia.
Sexual indications: Sexual fatigue, impotence. Recommended dosage: One pill, once a day. Also available in vials; drink one-third to one vial a day.

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